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Wind Energy

In 2009, the County started collecting information regarding wind energy systems to assist in the development of regulations for these systems. Information on meetings, documents, publications, sample ordinances, public input, charts, maps and photographs associated with this process are available on the pages linked below. These pages are a work in progress and are incomplete. Information will be added over time.

Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors Meetings

Many meetings (work sessions and public hearings) were held by the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors in the development of regulations for wind energy systems (small, large, and utility). To view the agendas, minutes, presentations, reports and handouts for these meetings, click here.

The ordinances adopted by the Board of Supervisors for these systems are available by clicking on them below:

Public Input & Testimony

Throughout the process the public has provided input through emails and letters, by providing documents and publications, and through their testimony at public hearings. To view the public input and testimony, click here.

Documents, Publications and Sample Ordinances

During the development of regulations for wind energy systems, County staff collected many documents and publications from various sources. In addition, wind energy ordinances from other localities in Virginia and in the United States, as well as some state ordinances dealing with wind energy were also collected. To view these publications, documents, and sample ordinances, click here.

Charts, Maps, Photographs and Graphics

In addition to the collection of documents, publications and sample ordinances, County staff collected and developed various charts, maps and graphics during the process. Photographs of different wind energy systems in Virginia and other states were also taken or collected. To view the various charts, maps and graphics, click here. To view photographs of wind energy systems, click here.