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Just for Fun
You've found it. The library's super secret Just for Fun teen page, designed with input by young adults like you! On this page you'll find the weekly featured game, selected with help from the Teen Advisory Boards at each of the branch libraries. You'll also find a list of different gaming websites (console, PC, and traditional).

Flash Gaming
 We don't own Kongregate, but we wish we did.
 We do own Armor Games.     
 I lied about the last one. We don't really own Armor Games.
Kongregate is one of the largest, most active flash game communities on the internet. You can find all sorts of different games here for all different ages. Many of the games are also multiplayer. If you have an account, you can earn badges by playing.

Armor Games is a major developer/supporter of flash games. Their website features all of the games they have published to date, including a social play system that lets you earn points and be ranked with others.

Though not very well known outside the community of experienced flash gamers, is a hub of casual gaming, featuring reviews and links to many different games, as well as monthly game design contests. The forums are great if you're interested in learning more about casual gaming.

 Video Gaming
GameSpy Link
GameSpy has long been a primary source for all video-game related news and release information. If you're interested in console or PC gaming, check this site out.   
Avault Link

Adrenaline Vault used to be a site that offered PC demo downloads as well as reviews and news information. After closing down for a couple years, they reopened in 2010 as a gaming news source.
GameInformer link

Game Informer is one of the major video game magazines currently in existence. It mostly covers console gaming, with a focus on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. Also a good source of information for updates on handheld gaming (DS, PSP).
GamePro link

GamePro is similar to Game Informer. GamePro recently ended its monthly magazine with its October 2011 issue. It will relaunch a quarterly print magazine starting in November 2011.

 Traditional Gaming
Board Game Geek is the source for information on board games. It contains an archive of information on almost every board game published ever in the world. It also has a great, active forum, and many game manuals for download, if you've lost one.
The Online Guide to Traditional Games has information on many different traditional games, including board games, table games, pub (bar) games, and lawn games.

traditional games
Board Game Ratings is another source for board game information, though not as comprehensive as Board Game Geek.

Board Game Ratings
Board Game Central is pretty much the same as Board Game Ratings. That is all. Oh, what, you think this is a bad description? Use your imagination!

Board Game Central
If you're interested in improv theater and improv games, the Improv Encyclopedia contains a listing of pretty much every improv game ever. Because names of certain games can change drastically from theater to theater, region to region, you may have to do a little exploring to find the game you're thinking of.

Improv Encyclopedia

Comic Strips offers you access to a huge pile of free comic strips. Here are a few great ones:
Cul de Sac revolves around the world of Alice Otterloop, her life at preschool and at home, as well as the hijinks of her friends, and her older brother, Peter.


If you haven't read Charles Schulz's Peanuts, then I don't even know what to say to you. I guess you could stay on this website, if you want. But I probably won't be happy about it.

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes is one of the greatest comics of all time. There, it's been said. If you like zany runningsabout, stuffed tigers, and Calvinball, than this comic is for you.

When it comes to any of the material on this website, we want to keep it current and interesting! If you have games, comics, or anything that interests you, let us know! Participate in your branch Teen Advisory Board, or stop by the Teen Center at South County Library and talk to the librarian. We'll post what you think is cool.