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Training Hours
The Roanoke County Emergency Communications Center is committed to providing interesting and relevant ongoing training to our employees.  In conjunction with the Roanoke County Criminal Justice Academy, we offer a wide variety of educational opportunities to public safety employees in the Blue Ridge Region.  The Emergency Communications Center Training Room has state of the art equipment, which allows us to complete classroom and online training during our normal working hours.
January - March 2014

 Job Category
 Completed Training Hours
 Probationary Communications Officer
 Communications Officers
 Communications Training Officers
 Communications Team Supervisors
 Total Hours

April - June 2014
 Job Category
 Completed Training Hours
 Probationary Communications Officer
 Communications Officers
 Communications Training Officers
 Communications Team Supervisors
 Administration 73.00
 Total Hours

Training Courses
In the past year, we have sent multiple Communications Officers to a variety of conferences including the APCO International Conference in New Orleans; NENA/APCO Spring Conference in Virginia Beach; Virginia CALEA PAC Conference in Virginia Beach; and APCO/NENA Winter Summit in Chesterfield.  Our Communications Officers have attended a variety of courses, outside of conferences, as illustrated below.

Advanced Medical Life Support

After Action Report / Improvement Plan

Alphabet, Codes, and Call Types


Amber Alerts

APCO Training Officer Recertification


APCO EMD Manager

APCO Runaways

ASHI CPR Pro / AED Recertification

Background Investigations

Bulletproof Mind

CALEA Orientation

Call Taking

CBRNE Incidents

Child Callers

CivicPlus County Website Design

CJIS Newsletter

Clandestine Drug Lab Emergencies

Commonwealth Attorney Legal Updates

Computer-Aided Dispatch

County Active Shooter Exercise

County Benefits

Court Date Book

Criminal History Log

Crisis Incident Forum

Critical Incident Stress Management

Critical Incidents for Comm. Officers

Cultural Diversity

Dangers of Social Media

DCJS Applied Suicide Intervention Skills

DCJS Back to School Safety and Security

DCJS Basic Dispatch Academy

DCJS Communications

DCJS General Instructor Certification

DCJS General Instructor Recertification

DCJS Judgment

DCJS Legal

DCJS Professionalism

Defensive Driving
Disaster Resiliency

Dispatch: The Critical Piece in Statistics

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Danger Assessment

ECC Inventory

ECC Orientation

ECC Recruiter

EMD Refresher

Emergency Operations

Ethical Approach to Leadership

Excel Basic

Excel Intermediate

FEMA Ready Responder Preparedness

Fire and Rescue Dispatch Procedures

Fire and Rescue Ride Along

Freedom of Information Act Updates

Geographic Information Systems Website

Grant Writing USA

Guardian Personnel Documentation

How Safe Are Virginia Schools?

Incident Command System Exercise

Inform Voice Logger

Intrado Telephone Administrator

Intrado Telephone Manager

Intrado Telephone User
Introduction to Supervision

Kinder Morgan Pipeline Supervisor
Leadership Development and Teambuilding
Leadership Effectiveness Training
Member One Keeping Debt Under Control
Member One Your Life in a Safer Place
MEMEX / Patriarch Regional Record Search
Miss Utilities
MOAT Security
Motorola Radio User
Myers Briggs
National Alliance on Mental Illness Education
National Incident Management System
NENA Disaster vs. the Dispatcher
NENA Emergency Number Professional
New World Systems
Next Generation Quality Assurance
OnStar Public Safety
Performance Review Forms
Pictometry Mapping
Police Instructor Train-the-Trainer
Police K9s
Police Ride Along
Police Terminology
PowerDMS Basics
PowerDMS Document Management
PowerDMS Open Q&A
PowerDMS Update
PowerDMS Workflows
Project Lifesaver
Public Safety Leadership, Law, and Ethics
RCAC Emergency Response Plan
Records Management System
Roanoke County Orientation
RoCo Alert System
Silent Dispatch
Simulated Evacuations
Special Weapons and Tactics
Streamlining the Hiring Process
Suicide Intervention
Supervisors & Coaching
Supervisors & Diversity Awareness
Supervisors & Performance Management
Supervisors & Employment Law
Supervisors & the Role of Discipline
SWAT Scribe
Tactical Emergency Casualty Care
Technical Contact Orientation
Text to 911
Tour of Response Areas
Tox Talks 2013 Annual Report
Tox Talks Serotonin Syndrome
Training iPad Orientation
TTY/TDD Service for Hearing Impaired
VCIN Certification Level A
VCIN Certification Level B
VCIN Instructor Recertification
VCIN Recertification
VCIN/NCIC Entries for Missing Children
VESTA Meridian Telephone User
Virginia Department of Emergency Management
Virginia Senior Alerts
Workplace Ethics
Wright Fuel Express Card Use 


Many of our 2014 courses were based on 2013 courses, but adapted to fit the evolving needs of our Communications Officers.  In 2013, we offered several additional classes from a variety of instructors, including Communications Officers, federal agents, state employees, local law enforcement, fire investigators, and rescue administrators.

^ indicates that a course included a tour

 Course Instructor(s)
 Active Shooter
Roy Davis
 Alcohol Beverage Control
Agent Morris
 APCO Fire Service Communications
Emily Totten
 Basic Firearms
Sgt. Jervis
 Basic Forensics
Officer Alderson
 Community Service Officers (Animal Control)
Officers Aldhizer & Hubble
 Conservation Police
Game Wardens Morris, Williams & Young
 Crime Prevention and Community Policing
Officers Crosier & Orange
 Deferred Compensation
Nationwide Representatives
 Fire Marshals
FMs Huffman & Simmons
 Firefighter Mayday
Mary Martinez
 GroupWise Email
Wayne Williams
 Lessons Learned from Newtown, CT
Director Maureen Will
 Munis Animal Tag Program
Kathy Crawley & Beth Guers
 Officer Down
Mary Martinez
 Police Districts and Fire & Rescue Run Areas^
Chase Ferguson
 Police K9
Officers Hicks & Stickley
 Roanoke County Fire and Rescue
Division Chief Campbell & Battalion Chief Duff
 Roanoke County Fleet Service Center^
Kim Artherhults
 Roanoke County Radio System Overview^
Rodney Thompson
 Roanoke County Sheriff's Office^
Deputies Arrington & Maslich
 Special Weapons and Tactics
Officer Newman
 Vinton Police Department
Lt. Austin
 Western Virginia Regional Jail^
Capt. Keller
 Western Virginia Water Authority
Sarah Baumgardner
 Wireless Communications
Aleta Coleman