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Neighborhood Watch
D.H. Bruch
Crime Preventioin Coordinator

Crime Prevention Office
5925 Cove Rd
Roanoke, VA  24019

Ph: (540) 777-8651

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Criminals recognize that neighbors in today's society are less concerned than in times past, about the safety and security of the community. Therefore, criminals take advantage of this apathy. Neighborhood Watch has proven to be one of the most effective means to combat this community apathy. It has proven to be an organized means by which citizens, in concert with law enforcement, can collectively reduce or remove the opportunity for crime.

The Crime Prevention Office coordinates these groups by distributing a Neighborhood Watch Selected Activities Listings summary. The summary lists larceny, burglary, vandalism, and suspicious incidents which occurred in the neighborhood the previous month. The summary is also available on-line on a weekly basis.   Each morning a Crime Prevention Daily Report is prepared by the Crime Analyst and this information is reviewed for possible distribution as an alert. When necessary, an alert is either called or e-mailed to the affected Neighborhood Watch coordinators. This information is then e-mailed or called to the block captains. The block captains in turn e-mail or call individual members.

When a Neighborhood Watch Group has a meeting, police officers who are assigned to the area are advised by department e-mail. Officers who attend the meeting review the summary of calls for the neighborhood, pass on any relevant crime prevention tips, and address any problems or concerns. The Crime Prevention Office is responsible for advising other members in the Roanoke County Police Department of these problems and concerns.

There are currently 108 Neighborhood Watch Groups in Roanoke County. Fifty five (55) groups receive their newsletters and alerts by e-mail. Crime is not just a police problem, but a community problem. Neighborhood Watch is one way for communities to address crime problems and concerns.

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