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Community Initiatives
Community Climate Action and Energy Conservation
The goal of the Roanoke County comprehensive community energy conservation effort is to save enough energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions an average of 3% per year through the year 2020 for a cumulative reduction of 30% or about 558,000 tons of carbon dioxide. Similarly, the estimated energy saved (450,000,000 kWh) over the three years of the project is also based on the ICLEI target reduction of 3%.  The Roanoke County Community Leaders Environmental Action Roundtable (RC-CLEAR) Climate Action Committee will work to develop the Energy Conservation Plan that will target energy savings in all sectors of Roanoke County including transportation, residences, businesses, schools, and churches.

Roanoke County General Services administration will guide and support this effort.  It is anticipated that $50,000 of the EECBG funds will be used for public energy conservation education, outreach, and plan development.  These efforts will lay the groundwork for a sweeping fossil fuel reduction initiative that will target all community sources including electricity, natural gas, diesel fuel, gasoline, propane, and fuel oil.  A major emphasis will be placed on educating the public on the benefits of energy conservation and greenhouse gas reduction and how the two go hand-in-hand. Conservation activities may also include energy audits, transportation initiatives, and various incentives to encourage participation.  The plan was completed in 2010 and we have may strides in implementing the recommendations.  Successful completion of the plan will fulfill Milestone 3 and 4 in the ICLEI groundwork.