Zoning Code Enforcement

What is Zoning Code Enforcement?

The Zoning Division of the Department of Community Development is responsible for responding to citizen concerns and enforcing land use requirements outlined in the Code of Roanoke County. Code Enforcement officers work with citizens and property owners to investigate and resolve violations of the County code and zoning ordinance. These rules and regulations are in effect in Roanoke County to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens and to promote convenient, harmonious, and attractive communities.

What Is the Difference Between a Code Violation & a Zoning Violation?

Roanoke County Code

The Code of Roanoke County is a set of ordinances formally adopted by the Board of Supervisors of Roanoke County. The Code of Roanoke County addresses certain actions on private property. Examples of County Code violations include excessive weed growth on a property, accumulation of debris, and the keeping of inoperative vehicles.

Roanoke County Zoning Ordinance

A zoning ordinance is a collection of regulations related to land use and development. The Roanoke County Zoning Ordinance has been adopted along with an official zoning map, which assigns all property in the County into various zoning districts. Each zoning district has a clear objective and indicates which land uses are permitted by right. Violations related to the County Zoning Ordinance include non-permitted uses, sign issues, and setback violations.