Stormwater Contractor Appreciation

Land development in Roanoke County presents difficult challenges in the minimization and control of erosion and sedimentation and in the management of stormwater runoff due to the steep slopes and highly erodible soils in the region.

Because of these challenges, Roanoke County has created the "Contractor Appreciation Program" to recognize land-disturbing contractors who conduct exemplary work within the County relative to the protection of its natural water resources through the proper use of on-site erosion and sediment controls, implementation of effective stormwater pollution prevention and good housekeeping measures, proper upkeep and use of the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), if applicable, and the proper construction and use of stormwater management best practices.

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Which Projects Are Eligible?

All land-disturbing projects that comply with the selection criteria will be eligible to receive recognition.

How Will Projects Be Selected?

Roanoke County inspectors will submit candidate projects to the County Selection Panel, which will meet monthly to evaluate candidate projects for recognition and to review previously selected projects to ensure continued compliance with the selection criteria.

Recognition Provided

  • "Certificate of Appreciation" presented at a formal County meeting
  • Award banner posted at the selected Project Site, entitled Stormwater Clean Award (PDF)
  • Recognition at County-sponsored Erosion and Sediment Control Training events
  • Recognition in It’s Just Dirt newsletter
  • Recognition on County’s Stormwater website

Selected Projects