Frequently Asked Questions

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  14. Water Quality

What measures will be used to monitor, offset, or clean up any water contamination during and after construction? How will sediment levels be monitored?

DEQ is responsible for monitoring erosion and sediment. The Roanoke County engineer and his staff reviewed the review that DEQ did for E&S plans. County staff made a number of comments back to DEQ. However, the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors voted not to enter into an agreement with DEQ that would have enabled County staff to coordinate on land-disturbing activities.

What if it is determined that water is no longer safe? Who will be held accountable?

Roanoke County does not provide water to anyone; the Western Virginia Water Authority is the public water supply and they have to meet water quality requirements for the water they provide to their customers. MVP is ultimately responsible for any damage that it causes to public and private water supplies, and the FERC should hold them accountable. Impacts to wells and springs are regulated by both the FERC and DEQ.