A future land use area where high intensity urban development is encouraged. Land uses within core areas may parallel the central business districts of Roanoke, Salem and Vinton. Core areas may also be appropriate for larger-scale highway-oriented retail uses and regionally-based shopping facilities. Due to limited availability, areas designated as Core are not appropriate for tax-exempt facilities.

Land Use Types

  • General Retail Shops and Personal Services - Planned shopping centers and clustered retail uses are encouraged. These centers should incorporate greenways, bike and pedestrian trails into their designs and link them to surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Office and Institutional Uses - Planned developments are encouraged.
  • Limited Industrial Uses - Planned uses in areas designated as economic opportunity areas.

Land Use Determinants

  • Access - Locations served by an arterial street system.
  • Existing Land Use Pattern - Locations where commercial uses have been developed or will likely be developed.
  • Existing Zoning - Locations where commercial zoning exists.
  • Population Center - Locations within close proximity to the projected population concentrations.
  • Urban Sector - Locations served by urban services.