Roanoke County's Complete Count Committee

The purpose of the Complete Count Committee is to help the U.S. Census Bureau count all Roanoke County and Town of Vinton residents once, only once, and in the right place. Federal, state, and local governments rely on accurate Decennial Census data because it:

  • Affects residents’ representation in state and federal government;
  • Determines allocation of $675 billion federal dollars among state and local governments;
  • Represents a loss of $2,000 in federal funding for every person not counted; and
  • Helps local governments, public schools and non-profit communities rely on data to design appropriate programming and services.

Slogan - Important Easy and SafeCommittee Opportunities

  • Create an informational webpage for Roanoke County and the Town of Vinton
  • Share information across County platforms, including the Explore Recreation magazine, RVTV, department newsletters, social media, email lists
  • Host events to assist and encourage census completion
  • Cooperate with other localities to reach all Roanoke Valley residents with messages about the importance of the census

Timeline and Communication Phases:Phases

  • Before January 2020: Education Phase - Training and organization of leadership, CC committees and community partners. 
  • January - February 2020: Awareness Phase - Educate about the purpose of the Census and its importance to communities
  • March - April 2020: Motivation Phase - Drive self-response and encouragement of friends and family response
  • May - July 2020: Reminder Phase - If individuals do not self-respond, the household may receive visits from Census staff
  • January 2021: Data Dissemination - The Census Bureau will complete its review of the count in November 2020 and deliver the final numbers to the U.S. President in December 2020. Total population numbers will become publicly available in January or February 2021. State population counts are to be delivered by March 31, 2021.

Roanoke County's Complete Count Committee Members

  • Chair: Toni Cox, Assistant Director of Library Services
  • Valerie A. Brown, Executive Director, Williamson Road Area Business Association
  • Brian Clingenpeel, Community Outreach Coordinator, Fire and Rescue
  • Anne-Marie Green, Director, Council of Community Services
  • Melissa Hine, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Housing and Residence Life, Hollins University
  • Bailey Howard-DuBois, Planner II, Community Development
  • Chuck Lionberger, Community Relations Specialist, Roanoke County Public Schools
  • Nathan McClung, Principal Planner, Town of Vinton
  • Anita McMillan, Director, Town of Vinton Planning and Zoning
  • Cecile Newcomb, Planner II, Community Development
  • Joanna Spar, Assistant Director of Benefits, Social Services
  • Barry Thompson, Vinton Town Manager
  • Philip Thompson, Acting Director of Planning, Community Development
  • Amy Whittaker, Public Information Officer
  • Anethia Zerfoss, CPC, Medicaid Specialist Friendship Manor