Getting Started

  1. I Want to Start a Project, But Not Sure What Is Needed
  2. I Want to Prepare A Site Plan
  3. I Want to Submit A Site Plan for Review
  4. I Want to subdivide or combine my parcel(s)
  5. I Want to Submit a Plat for Review

Here at Roanoke County we try to provide an opportunity to convey as much information about our requirements for development before a project is submitted for review. If you are unsure if the project you would like to do will work, we can get all of the review departments (Engineering, Building Safety, Fire and Rescue, Zoning, VDOT, and WVWA) into the same room to give comments about a preliminary layout of your project.

Roanoke County would prefer a layout plan to be sent in one week before the scheduled meeting date, so it can be distributed to the reviewers for comments. Bringing along a design engineer typically makes the concept meeting more beneficial, but it is not a requirement.

Please contact Denise Sowder, Development Review Coordinator, for more information or to set up a date for a concept meeting.

To learn more about "the Pathway for a Successful Project," click here:

     Pathway for a Successful Project

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