Roanoke River Greenway from Highland Road to Explore Park (UPC 110155)

Future Trail OverlookRoanoke River Parkway Back Creek Valley Overlook


What is going on?

A section of the Roanoke River Greenway is moving towards construction. This segment will cross the closed Roanoke Regional Landfill off Rutrough Road owned by the Roanoke Valley Resource Authority, starting at Highland Road and connecting to Explore Park.

See the maps and plan at right for details.

What is the timeline?

This greenway project is in the Preliminary Engineering phase and is anticipated to go to construction in Fiscal Year 2023, or 2022-2023.

How much will the project cost?

This project has $1,734,000 in Federal Lands Access Program funding which is 75 percent Federal and 25 percent County funding.

Additional Resources

Overview Map - East Roanoke River Greenway (click to open PDF)ERRG Full Extent Project Map UPC 110155 8-24-20

Inset Map - Closed Rutrough Road Landfill Crossing Map (click to open PDF)UPC 110155 ERRG Project Map 08-24-20

100% Design Plans Excerpt (Click to open PDF)UPC 110155 Plans Cover Sheet