Ballot Counting

Information about Ballot Counting and How to Check Your Ballot.

Voting on Election Day

If you voted on Election Day and put your ballot into the scanner, your vote was counted immediately. Ballots are counted as soon as they go in the scanner. To check that you got credit for voting, 

  1. Visit the Virginia Department of Elections Citizen Portal and log in with your information. 
  2. Scroll down to the 'Voter History' section and click the '+' to expand. There you will see the 2020 November General Election listed, meaning that you received credit for voting in this election. If you do not see your voter credit information today, please check back again once the election results have been certified (November 6 – 10). 
  3. Inserting your ballot into the machine means it was counted. Voter credit is a separate process that simply means you appeared to vote, it has nothing to do with whether your vote counted or not.

Voting by Mail or Early In-Person

If you voted by mail or early in-person, go to the Virginia Department of Elections Citizen Portal, click on 'Check Registration Status' and log in with your information. 

  1. Scroll down to the 'Vote Absentee by Mail' area and you will see a date in the 'Ballot Received' column. 
  2. For mail voters, that is the date your ballot arrived here and was turned over to the Central Absentee Precinct for counting. 
  3. For early in-person voters, that is the date you voted at an early vote center. If there is a date in that column, your vote was counted. 
  4. Absentee ballots returned by mail will be accepted until noon on Friday, November 6, and updates will be made throughout the week.

My Ballot / Sample Ballot Section

One additional point of confusion is the 'My Ballot' section on the Citizen Portal. This is where sample ballots are sometimes available ahead of elections. However, since there is no active election at this time, this section will now be blank or read "Information Not Found." You should never expect to be able to see an image of your ballot you voted in the most recent election under this section because every Virginia voter has the right to vote a private ballot.