Septic Pump-Out Program

Roanoke County has partnered with the Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission to provide a no-cost septic tank pump-out program for Roanoke County residents.

Septic systems that have not been maintained are a possible source of nutrient and bacteria pollution that may lead to stream impairments throughout Roanoke County. Septic systems that fall into disrepair can back up into homes or overflow into yards, creating costly issues for homeowners.

Households with an annual household income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Line are eligible to apply for this program (see chart below for eligibility guidelines). This grant-funded program aims to reduce the environmental impact and property damage caused by failed septic systems. Program participants will also have the opportunity to attend a septic system workshop to learn how septic systems function and how to maintain their system in the future.

Septic Diagram

NEXT Septic Pump-out  Workshop - Saturday March 9, 2024 from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at Vinton Library Click here

How Your Septic System Works

Septic systems are designed to treat household wastewater on-site for homes without connection to a centralized wastewater treatment system. 

The Benefits of Septic System Maintenance

Keeping your septic system maintained benefits your household, your community, and the environment. Septic systems should be inspected every 1 to 3 years and pumped every 3 to 5 years, depending on use. This will help prevent your system from falling into disrepair and causing costly fixes. More information can be found on the Virginia Department of Health’s Environmental Health website

How to Apply

This grant-funded program is available to Roanoke County households that are at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. See the chart below to determine your eligibility.

2022 Poverty Guidelines

For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $4,720 for each additional person.
Persons in family/household Poverty guideline (100%) Poverty guideline (200%)
1 $13,590 $27,180
2 $18,310 $36,620
3 $23,030 $46,060
4 $27,750 $55,500
5 $32,470 $64,940
6 $37,190 $74,380
7 $41,910 $83,820
8 $46,630 $93,260

Please use the number shown above at left for the number of persons in your household. If your annual household income is at or below the value in the third column, you may be eligible. Applicants that are approved for the program may be asked to provide more information to verify their annual household income. Select the link below to submit an online application.