Judicial Sales

Lands Delinquent & Subject to Sale

The Code of Virginia 58.1-3965 instructs the Treasurer to commence with the sale of real property which are delinquent for more than 2 years as of December 31. Pursuant to this Code, the Treasurer’s office reviews property with delinquent taxes annually to determine which parcels may be subject to sale. After owners are notified, a list of Lands Delinquent and Subject to Sale (PDF) is published in the local newspaper as well as on this site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review the answers to frequently asked questions on our Judicial Sale FAQ page.

Parcels Subject to Sale

Inclusion on this list does not automatically subject the parcels for sale. Virginia law requires that proper notification is made to all legal owners of the properties which are subject to sale. Since this process may take several months, we aggressively work with our taxpayers to pay off the delinquent taxes and remove the property from the subject to sale list.

Once these efforts to collect the delinquent taxes are concluded, the Treasurer will establish a Judicial Sale for the remaining delinquent parcels. The sale date and location will be published on this site once established.

The last Judicial Sale, conducted as an auction, for the county was held on September 27, 2019. The county has held 10 such auctions in the past 14 years.

2021 Judicial Sale Scheduled

A Judicial Sale for Delinquent Lands is scheduled for September 24, 2021, at 10 a.m. at:
Roanoke County Administration Center
Board of Supervisors Meeting Room, First Floor
5204 Bernard Drive, SW
Roanoke, VA 24018

For Further Information

Please contact the Roanoke County Treasurer’s Office by calling 540-772-2056.