Test Proctoring

Scantron Test

Supporting Education

In an attempt to support continuing education and lifelong learning, Roanoke County Public Library has agreed to act as proctors for distance learning students.


The following conditions apply for Test Proctoring:

  • Any library staff member available must be acceptable as the proctor when students choose to take the test.
  • The student must not require supervision while taking the test. Staff will hand out the test, collect it when completed, and mail it back to the appropriate educational institution.
  • The Library agrees to receive the test. When contacted by your student, we will arrange a time for the test to be taken.
  • The Library will not assume any postage expense.

If this process is acceptable to both the student and the educational institution, we will proceed to proctor the test. Please address specific questions to the Branch or Reference Librarian at the specific branch where you wish to take the test. A listing of library contact information can be found on our Library location page.