Trash Container Information

Trash Container Information

Each household is provided with one specialized container, which is easily rolled to the street on collection day.

  • The County will replace stolen containers. 
  • We will repair those containers that are repairable. However, residents must pay for replacement containers, if repairs cannot be made to containers.
  • Please do not place hot ashes or charcoal in the can. Residents must purchase another container after burn damage.

We appreciate your assistance in cleaning and caring for your container.

Disposal of Needles, Syringes, & Other Sharp Objects

Please place these materials in a hard, thick plastic container with a lid, such as a laundry detergent bottle. Please remember to put the lid on the container securely. Double bag the container and place the bag in your trash can for disposal.

Purchasing an Additional Container

If you wish to purchase an additional container, please contact our Solid Waste Division at 540-387-6225.  You may choose to purchase a 90+ gallon container with a self-opening lid from a hardware store or general merchandise retailer instead. Residents should be aware that Roanoke County only repairs/replaces containers purchased from us.