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Nov 04

News Stories

Posted to 419 Town Center Study by Bailey Howard-DuBois

Local news stories on the Route 419 Town Center study.

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Sep 30

Take the Ride Smart Challenge!

Posted to Community Developments by Bailey Howard-DuBois

Ride Smart 2019 Challenge

Join RIDE Solutions in taking 100,000 miles off the road this October by taking the Ride Smart Challenge!

Bike, walk, carpool, take the bus, or telework instead of driving alone for trips throughout the month. Every trip counts – your telecommute to work, your bike trip to the grocery store, your bus trip to see a friend: every mile taken off the road helps!

Every trip you log brings us closer to 100,000 miles. And every trip also earns you points you can cash in for valuable rewards, as well as the chance to win dozens of weekly prize drawings for RIDE Solutions swag, gift certificates, and more! Plus, the individual who logs the most trips will win a RIDE Solutions prize pack including a $100 gift certificate to or the local business of their choice.

Finally, area organizations will be competing to log the most total trips and most trips by mode. Every time you log a trip, it counts towards your organizations race. So let’s see who leads the pack by the end of October!

How does it work?

Easy! Download the RIDE Solutions app or register/log in and start logging your trips – that’s all there is to it! You can follow the event progress on the main page to see the impact the Ride Smart Challenge is having in the region, and every trip you log automatically counts towards your organization’s race.

You’ll earn points like you always have, plus we’ll draw randomly each week from everyone who’s logged a trip for our dozens of weekly prizes.

Why Ride Smart?

Every mile not driven has benefits that impact us right here in central and southwest Virginia:
  • Reduce vehicle emissions that can cause smog and induce health problems in our most vulnerable populations.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions – every gallon of gas not burned saves about 24 lbs of greenhouse gases
  • About $0.90 of every $1 spent on gas leaves the local economy. Driving less and walking, biking, carpooling, and taking transit more means more money stays in our local economy
Visit for more information on the challenge and for tons of resources to help you explore your options, from Google Transit to safe bike route requests and free carpool matches.