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Teen Program Signup

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  2. We will email you links for our zoom events.

  3. If the program requires you to pick up supplies we will call you when items are ready for pickup. If you plan to pick supplies up at a library that is not your Home Library (above) let us know.

  4. Alert Me!

    We send out monthly teen alerts that include events and information on library happenings for teens. Check the box to get on our list.

  5. Specialty Programs:

    We will send an email with the Zoom link and schedule.

  6. Monthly Zoom Programs

    No need to sign up for each event. We will keep you on our email list until you let us know you'd no longer like to receive our emails.

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  9. Teen Takeout Book Club

    Do you root for the hero or cheer on the villain? Come weigh in on these topics with other teens. Join us on Zoom to discuss books and participate in other activities. If you didn't get a kit, you can still join in on the fun! Email and be sure to sign up for the next takeout.
    Zoom: Thurs., May 13 @ 5pm

  10. Teen Takeout Book Kits | Introducing specialized themed kits that pit two opposites against each other. Available first come, first served and while supplies last.*

    Theme: Books vs. Movies

    Your kit will have library books, activities, swag, snacks, and more for each category. Library books selected are middle & high school reading levels.

    You will be contacted after registration with kit details. Sign up after each Zoom event for a different theme. *If kits become unavailable we will email you.

  11. Do you have a library card?

    We will check out the library books to your account. If you do not have a card, we will be in touch.

  12. Dietary restrictions, books you don't like, etc.

  13. Have ideas? Email us!

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