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Roanoke Valley Regional Fire-EMS Training Center

The Roanoke Valley Regional Fire-EMS Training Center was dedicated in September 2000 as a partnership between the County of Roanoke, City of Roanoke, City of Salem and Town of Vinton. Prior to this date, the burn building and other fire training props on this site were owned and operated by Roanoke County Fire & Rescue Department. 

The 2000 dedication was the beginning of a valley-wide partnership that brought firefighters together from across four jurisdictions for training on a regular basis. Since then the localities have established a regional hiring process that streamlines the pre-screening testing and allows applicants to complete one process no matter how many jurisdictions they are applying with. Today, the training center has exceeded expectations of projected use being utilized seven days a week for a host of training topics by each of the four jurisdictions and other outside agencies.

At the Roanoke Valley Regional Training Center there are a number of other training simulators that bring firefighters from around the valley and beyond to train on including:
  • Fire training tower with 4-story tower with 2-story residential annex, fueled by natural gas (which burns clean and reduces carbon footprint), two burn rooms, standpipe, rappel anchors, non-toxic smoke system
  • Trench Simulator with underground tunnel system for confined space training
  • Pump Test Pavilion for testing of all fire apparatus with water pumps. Site has an underground tank that circulates the water from the truck through the pump to the tank and back to the truck, saving thousands of gallons of water each time it is used
  • Train cars that simulate: train accidents with trapped victims, hazardous material spills and confined space training
  • MAYDAY- FIREFIGHTER DOWN mock up that allows personnel to learn how to save their fellow firefighter when they become trapped under debris or have fallen through a collapsed floor
  • High-Tech Emergency Driving Simulator that reduces fuel consumption and equipment usage by having personnel train on two separate simulators-one for ambulances and one for fire trucks
  • Former Burn Building--used for search and rescue and other non-burn training