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Citizen Volunteer Program
Volunteers are utilized to supplement and expand upon the work of sworn deputies and civilian personnel in various assignments. The Roanoke County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer Program provides an excellent opportunity for citizens to offer their time, expertise, and talent for the betterment of their community through their work with the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s goal is to establish and offer volunteer participation in several areas of the Sheriff’s Office operations to better serve the citizens of Roanoke County.

Qualification Requirements

Volunteers must be at least twenty-one years of age. Volunteers must be of good character, have no felony or serious misdemeanor arrests or convictions, and successfully complete an application and pass a background investigation and training program.

For more information, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Deputy Charles Minucie, at 540-283-3137 or e-mail him at .

  • Download the Complete Volunteer Program Package, including Application

Volunteer Assignment Areas and Job Descriptions

General District Court: Volunteers assist court deputies in escorting persons convicted of traffic offenses to the clerk’s office for the payment of fines, direct court participants during guilty pleas, processing of court documents, provide assistance to the deputies during the security screening process, provide assistance and direction to the public.

Skills:  Requires positive public relations, ability to communicate orally and general knowledge in the use of personal computers.

Jail Programs: Volunteers will work with Sheriff’s Office staff to provide educational programs, anger management and other self-help programs, pre-release programming including parental education, health education and vocational programs, alcohol programs to include individual and group counseling, religious programs to include individual and group counseling services.
Special requirement:  Religious volunteers must have clinical pastoral education or religious training and endorsement by a church.  Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous volunteers must have training in substance abuse and endorsed by their local chapters.  Educational volunteers must have training and experience in education such as teacher, substitute teacher, teacher’s aide, etc.  Jail program volunteers may only perform duties consistent with their credentials and training.

Skills: Organization, writing, public relations, presentation and computer skills.