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Our Stories
I Reassured
In this line of work, coworkers quickly become like family. The events and calls you handle create a bond that is unlike any other. So when I received a call from a Roanoke County firefighter whose daughter was choking, it felt all the more surreal. The father, being a paramedic, knew what to do and quickly performed back blows to the 16-month-old infant and dislodged the object. The father wanted to stay on the phone, in case something with his daughter’s health changed.

By staying on the telephone, I gave this father the confidence and reassurance he needed to save his daughter’s life.

I Protected
My caller stated that a male was looking into their vehicle and then trying to get inside their vehicle. I stayed on the line with the caller as police units were dispatched to the caller's home. While on the line, the caller stated that the male was coming toward the home. The male started ringing the doorbell continuously and then banging on the door. The caller thought the male was going to try to break into their home. The caller's husband got his gun out and stated several times that he wanted to take care of this situation himself. I directed him to stay safely inside the residence with his family and wait for police to handle the situation. Once police arrived, they determined that the male was disoriented. The male lived in the neighborhood and had dementia. The male thought he was at his own house.

Sometimes, the calls are intense, but we do our best to keep everyone safe.

I Talked
An elderly woman called us on 911. Her husband was breathing poorly that night and he needed an ambulance. I gathered the necessary information from her, so we could send an ambulance. She wanted me to stay on the telephone with her until the ambulance arrived, so I did. I gave her several sets of Emergency Medical Dispatch instructions for her husband as the situation progressed. When the ambulance arrived, she thanked me for being there so she wasn't alone.

Knowing that I could make a difference in someone's life just by being there in a time of need is very gratifying.