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Our Stories
I Found
During a busy afternoon in the Emergency Communications Center, I answered a 911 call from an upset mother. Her daughter had just called her from a department store in New York City, after she was separated from her school tour group. My coworkers quickly handled several aspects of this call. We made contact with the daughter to keep her safe and calm, while determining her exact location. We made contact with her school administration, which provided us with contact information for her tour chaperones. We directly contacted the local NYPD precinct closest to the store. Within a few minutes of the initial 911 call, I was able to tell the mother that her daughter was with a police officer until she was reunited with her tour group.

Every caller presents me with a new challenge; every caller presents me with an opportunity to help.

I Searched
I took a call from someone reporting a puppy in their driveway. The dog had a collar and a Roanoke City tag on it. I contacted Roanoke City E-911 for owner information. I was able to determine that the owner was on vacation and the dog was staying at her parents' house. Her parents lived just up the road from where the puppy was found. I called the owner's elderly parents. They were ecstatic to hear that the pup was okay and just a few houses away.

With this call, as in many, a small amount of help meant so very much.

I Coordinated
One night, we received a 911 call from a staff member at a retirement community. The community's security system had malfunctioned and one of their residents had wandered away. We immediately dispatched multiple police units and notified other 911 centers in the area. We notified fire and emergency medical services supervisors as well. We organized a ground search for the resident. Within minutes, we had first responders checking the area. It was a cold night and we had received information that the resident was only wearing a nightgown. We were preparing a RoCo Alert and had a police K9 responding to assist with the search, when the resident was found only a few minutes after the original call.

Being the first of the first responders is an awesome responsibility.