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Route 311 Roundabout
Route 311 & Route 419 Roundabout

This project will convert the signalized intersection at Thompson Memorial Drive/Catwaba Valley Drive, Route 311 and Electric Road, Route 419 to a roundabout.

 intersection is the area's major connection to Catawba, so it experiences heavy volumes of traffic during the morning and evening peak hours. The proposed roundabout will mitigate congestion and improve safety by reducing the number of conflict points in the intersection.

The project will include paved shoulders for bicycle access, as well as pedestrian crosswalks within refuge islands to connect to businesses and to the Hanging Rock Battlefield Trail (Greenway). The Unofficial Orange Market and Hanging Rock VDOT Park and Pool lots will be improved with modified entrances.
Concept Plan
Proposed Design Exhibit
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Project Status:

Surveying and Preliminary Engineering is underway. The Right-of-Way phase should begin in 2020 and construction should start in 2021.

Project estimate: $1,957,000

Additional Resources:
 VDOT Project Page
 Route 311 / Route 419 Intersection Safety & Congestion Improvements (HB2 Application, 2015)
 Roundabouts: An Informational Guide, Second Edition, 2010 (National Cooperative Highway Research Program [NCHRP] Report)
 419 Multimodal Plan (2010)

For More Information:

Contact David Holladay, Planning Administrator, by email or by phone at (540) 772-2094.