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2017 Community Strategic Plan Annual Report

2017 Community Strategic Plan Annual ReportThe goal of Roanoke County’s Community Strategic Plan process was to establish a strategic direction for the County with input provided by our community.  In order to ensure the Strategic Plan remains relevant and consistent with the interests of our citizens, it is presumed to be revisited every five years. In January 2016, the Board of Supervisors framed the strategic planning discussion by creating the vision statement, “Roanoke County is a vibrant, innovative, and scenic community that values its citizens, heritage, and quality of life.”  

As a result of this process, seven Strategic Initiatives were developed to help guide Roanoke County toward the future envisioned by its citizens. Roanoke County is committed to providing annual reports on how the County is striving to achieve the vision stated in the Community Strategic Plan. This report highlights significant projects and accomplishments which contribute to the realization of our goals. 

For this first update of the Strategic Plan, we have included both work efforts that were completed since the plan’s adoption in August 2016 as well as efforts that were underway prior to adoption of the Plan, if those efforts contribute significantly to attaining the goals and objectives outlined in the plan.

>> Download the 2017 Community Strategic Plan Annual Report.