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Frequently Asked Questions
Contact Us:       Email Pipeline Info        Call Pipeline Info: (540) 776-7277        Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  

For Media Inquiries: Amy Whittaker (540) 589-3089

This is a preliminary list of questions. We will update this list as we receive more questions.

Where can I find documents related to the pipeline project?

Please visit the Resources page for filings and other information.

How can I sign up to receive alerts from Roanoke County about pipeline-related information?

Citizens can sign up to receive RoCo Alerts here.

What is the County's role in the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline?

Roanoke County will:
  • Maintain a safe, cooperative, lawful work environment between MVP construction employees, affected landowners, and any group in support of or in opposition to the project. 
  • Coordinate and release information to the public as it relates to Roanoke County or any mutual aid agency response to an escalating situations involving the pipeline project via media broadcasting outlets and monitor public chatter. 
  • Provide an appropriate law enforcement response level to civil disobedience and criminal offenses that may arise. Enforce any judicial order or fire code violation as required by the Code of Virginia. 

Where can I view the video from the January 25, 2018 MVP Community Meeting held at Cave Spring High School?

Here is a link to view the January 25 MVP Community Meeting Video.

Will County Police Officers be guarding pipeline construction equipment?

No. MVP and their contractors will be responsible for the security of their own property.  

What can be done about construction workers speeding/driving recklessly?

The Police Department will continue to conduct patrols and speed enforcement in areas affected by construction traffic just as it does elsewhere in the County, to include concentrating enforcement efforts in areas where crashes and violations increase. Enforcement of traffic laws will be objective and fair.

How are school buses going to get down roads clogged by construction traffic?

MVP has expressed their intention to work with the County to avoid interfering with school buses, trash trucks, and other vehicular traffic. Some restricted width due to parking is probably inevitable but vehicles that unreasonably impede traffic may have to be removed.

Will construction affect my trash schedule?

Trash schedules will be provided to MVP in order to prevent delays in trash pick-up.

I’m concerned about open burning as part of the pipeline project. Is a permit required?

Yes. During this process, the burn site will be inspected to ensure compliance. In addition, the fire has to remain attended at all times. Open burning for land clearing operations have special provisions that have to be followed to reduce air emissions (smoke) and include a pit and air curtain incinerator (air blower). Refuse or trash cannot be burned and a means to extinguish the fire has to be available.

When can open burning take place?

From February 15th to April 30th, open burning, including recreational fires, can only be done between the hours of 4 p.m. and midnight so that Department of Forestry guide lines can be met. Between the months of May through September, open burning, with the exception of recreational fires, cannot be done in order to meet DEQ guidelines.

I’m concerned about blasting as part of the pipeline project. Is a permit required?

Yes. During this process, the blast site will be inspected and personnel will observe each blast (shot) as directed. Blasting operations shall only be conducted by persons certified through the State Fire Marshal's Office. All blasts shall be in accordance with the Statewide Fire Prevention Code and NFPA 495, and a bond or certificate of insurance shall be on file in the minimum amount of $1,000,000.

Blasting shall be conducted in daylight hours unless otherwise approved. When blasting in congested areas, measures shall be taken to reduce earth vibrations and air blast effects. Measures include, but not limited to, the use of blasting mats and monitoring vibrations and air blast effects with a seismograph. Detailed records of each blast shall be maintained.

Do private citizens need a permit to demonstrate in opposition/support of the pipeline project?

The County does not have an ordinance regulating picketing or peaceful demonstrations on public properties or rights-of-way, however:
  • Parade permits are required in order to restrict or block public roads. If you desire to hold a parade, submit a parade permit application to the Chief of Police.
  • If you expect that the gathering will attract 500 or more people, contact the Community Development Department at 540-772-2080 to discuss the process for obtaining a special use permit for an outdoor gathering. 
  • If you plan on holding a gathering at a public park, you may need to reserve the park facilities.

Where can people demonstrate peacefully in Roanoke County?

  • Any publicly-owned park or government-owned property provided that freedom of movement, ingress or egress, or the ability by other persons to conduct business or other lawful activities are not interfered with; 
    • Persons interested in using a County-owned park should coordinate with the County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism (540) 387-6078 to avoid conflicts with groups who may have previously reserved areas of the park for sporting events, picnics, or other purposes; 
  • Or along any public road provided that the demonstration does not impede or block the flow of traffic.  
  • Or on private property (with the owner’s consent) and in public places. However, participants may not obstruct the free passage of others; you may not obstruct vehicular and pedestrian traffic in roads, in parking lots, driveways, etc. without first obtaining a parade permit from the Chief of Police. 

The County respects people's rights to assemble. What type of behavior is unlawful?

The County always recommends that you are courteous and use good manners. Participants may not threaten or use violence. Title 18.2, Chapter 9, Article 1 of the Code of Virginia sets forth Virginia’s criminal code regarding riot and unlawful assembly. The following actions would violate the law:
  • Blocking access to properties, businesses, driveways, public buildings or roads (Roanoke County Ordinance Sections 12-52 and 12-54).  
  • Interfering with or blocking freedom of movement of persons engaged in lawful activities (Section 18.2-404, Code of Virginia).  
  • Physical assault (Section 18.2-57, COV)
  • Inciting violence (Section 18.2-408 COV).  
  • Damaging or defacing property (Section 18.2-137, COV).  
  • Wearing a mask in public (Section 18.2-422, COV).
  • Failing to disperse if ordered to do so by law enforcement (Section 18.2-407, COV).
  • The Police Department will enforce any court orders and violations of law as required by the Code of Virginia. 

Please be sure that all trash and rubbish is properly disposed of during and following your event. There should be no unlawful disposal of trash on a public road or on a neighboring property. (Section 13-13, Roanoke County Ordinance)

Virginia is an open carry state. Can I bring my firearm to a demonstration? Can I bring a non-firearm weapon for self-protection?

  • Firearms may be worn openly by anyone who may lawfully possess a firearm.  Firearms may be concealed by persons who have a concealed weapons permit.  
  • Persons carrying firearms which are pointed at anyone or carried in a manner that intimidates or causes fear may be arrested for brandishing a firearm (Section 18.2-282, COV).
  • Brandishing a machete or any bladed weapon 12 inches or longer may result in arrest (Section 18.2-282.1, COV).  
  • Section 18.2-308 of the Code of Virginia also lists a variety of weapons which may not be carried concealed.

Disclaimer: This webpage is for information purposes only. For emergencies, please call 911.