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Public Safety
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  • How do the police address trespassing?

Roanoke County Police handle trespassing complaints routinely. They generally do not conduct follow-up investigations if the person trespassing is no longer present when officers arrive. If a person is present and officers determine that they are in fact trespassing, officers will ask them to leave. Generally if they leave the officer will not charge them. After this, a citizen may go to the Magistrate to file charges.

  • Does law enforcement understand the boundaries of where employees of MVP, its agents or contractors can work?

MVP is responsible for clearly showing the boundaries of their easement. Roanoke County Police are not prepared to make judgments on these boundaries in the field. The County’s GIS maps, which show the general location of the easement, are not intended to be substitutes for a professional survey. MVP has stated that it will have professional survey staff on site to help clarify disputes over boundary lines.

  • Are Fire and EMS personnel receiving specific training to respond to leaks and explosions?

Not for the MVP project specifically. Roanoke County Fire and EMS personnel are already trained to respond to gas leaks and explosions; they undergo training on an annual basis. Roanoke County is also part of the Virginia Department of Emergency Management phone task force and has partners in the City of Roanoke and the City of Salem for hazmat response. 

  • What can be done about construction workers speeding/driving recklessly?

The Police Department will continue to conduct patrols and speed enforcement in areas affected by construction traffic just as it does elsewhere in the County, to include concentrating enforcement efforts in areas where crashes and violations increase. Enforcement of traffic laws will be objective and fair.

  • Virginia is an open carry state. Can I bring my firearm to a demonstration? Can I bring a non-firearm weapon for self-protection?

Firearms may be worn openly by anyone who may lawfully possess a firearm.  Firearms may be concealed by persons who have a concealed weapons permit.  

Persons carrying firearms which are pointed at anyone or carried in a manner that intimidates or causes fear may be arrested for brandishing a firearm. (Section 18.2-282, Code of Virginia)

Brandishing a machete or any bladed weapon 12 inches or longer may result in arrest. (Section 18.2-282.1, Code of Virginia)

Section 18.2-308 of the Code of Virginia also lists a variety of weapons which may not be carried concealed.

Disclaimer: This webpage is for information purposes only. For emergencies, please call 911.