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  • Will MVP be required to repair all of the access roads they use during construction?

The FERC is going to regulate the conditions of all new or existing private access roads impacted during construction. VDOT has regulatory authority over public roads. However, the County is prepared to communicate complaints about road conditions to the FERC or MVP to ensure that roads are passable, conditions do not damage cars and access is maintained for people’s properties.

  • Who is responsible for protecting the Blue Ridge Parkway?

The Blue Ridge Parkway is managed by the National Park Service, a federal agency.

  • How will MVP be held accountable for their plans and on what timeline?

The FERC has oversight over the MVP project, in addition to other state and federal agencies, primarily DEQ.

  • Is the landowner liable if an employee of MVP or contractors is injured within the easement corridor?

MVP is responsible for the safety of its workers.

  • How will ingress and egress to private property be mitigated during active construction?

MVP has stated that they will work out property access issues with each individual property owner as they arise, including properties that are bisected by the pipeline.

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