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For Media Inquiries: Amy Whittaker (540) 589-3089

  • Will Fire and Rescue go to nearby homes to check on occupants after emergencies?

As with any emergency, Roanoke County personnel will evaluate the scene at the time of response. Emergency services will be provided to residents or pipeline workers as needed. Fire and EMS personnel are trained for gas leaks and explosions and they will be prepared to handle an emergency situation. 

  • Will there be 24/7 Fire and Rescue on Bent Mountain if this project happens?

There already is 24/7 Fire and Rescue service on Bent Mountain. During daylight hours the station is staffed by paid personnel and during the evening it is staffed by volunteers. We have additional staff available at the Back Creek and Fort Lewis stations depending on the location of an emergency.

  • Who is responsible for spills affecting our water supply? 

DEQ is responsible for regulating water quality. There will be inspectors on the project to monitor the construction site and pipeline for spills or other impacts on our water supply.

Disclaimer: This webpage is for information purposes only. For emergencies, please call 911.