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County's Role
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  • What is the County's role in the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline?

Roanoke County will: 
  • Maintain a safe, cooperative, lawful work environment between MVP construction employees, affected landowners, and any group in support of or in opposition to the project. 
  • Coordinate and release information to the public as it relates to Roanoke County or any mutual aid agency response to an escalating situations involving the pipeline project via media broadcasting outlets and monitor public chatter. 
  • Provide an appropriate law enforcement response level to civil disobedience and criminal offenses that may arise. 
  • Enforce any judicial order or fire code violation as required by the Code of Virginia.

  • Is the GIS pipeline viewer an accurate alignment of the pipeline?

We believe so. Our GIS staff has regularly requested up-to-date alignments from MVP in order to provide the most accurate information we can get. However, MVP does have the ability to request minor route changes from the FERC.

  • Will there be a laydown yard in Roanoke County? 

According to MVP, at this time there are no laydown yards planned for Roanoke County. They are not required by the FERC to tell Roanoke County if they are planning a laydown yard on appropriately zoned land. However, few sites would permit this in the county.

  • Has Roanoke County added staff to help manage the MVP project?

In October 2017, Roanoke County hired a part-time intern from Virginia Tech. All other staff involved already work for other Roanoke County departments.

  • Will citizen’s rights to access recreation sites and participate in activities (i.e. hunting, fishing, swimming, etc.) be restricted when construction is underway?

There will be restrictions on what landowners can do during the period of construction following eminent domain orders. Construction and operation logistics will be determined in the judicial order or legal agreements between MVP and property owners.

  • I am concerned about floodplain affected by the pipeline. Does Roanoke County have maps of the floodplain near the MVP area?

Roanoke County is involved in floodplain-related regulations, however, the County is not aware that the pipeline impacts any delineated or regulated floodplain in that area.

  • What legal action is Roanoke County involved in?

As Roanoke County is not a landowner it is not involved in any eminent domain cases. Several of our landowners are involved in ongoing litigation and we do follow that with general interest. The Board of Supervisors allowed the County to hire outside counsel to advise staff through this process. Roanoke County has submitted many filings to the FERC and challenged the FERC process whenever possible. When the FERC order was issued the County filed a notice of rehearing (the regulatory way to challenge a FERC filing). This enables the County to participate in certain legal actions, if requested by the Board. The County also filed as an intervener in the process and is a consulting party in the Section 106 process, but has challenged that MVP has not exercised all opportunities to consult with Roanoke County.

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