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  • I am concerned about new campgrounds or RV parks associated with the pipeline construction.

In the Roanoke County Code, campgrounds are defined as "Facilities providing camping or parking areas and incidental services for travelers in recreational vehicles and/or tents." The only approved location for living or business purposes for a recreational vehicle is in an approved campground. Any new campground proposed in the AG-1 or AG-3 zoning districts requires a Special Use Permit and must meet the Use and Design Standards outlined in the Roanoke County Code Section 30-85-9

In addition to local regulations, the Code of Virginia regulates Campgrounds in Chapter 450. According to section 40, Permits, "No person or persons, directly or indirectly shall conduct, control, manage, operate, or maintain a campground or offer campsites for occupancy within the Commonwealth without first making application for and receiving a valid permit from the Health Commissioner for the operation of said camp."

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