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  • I’m concerned about open burning as part of the pipeline project. Is a permit required?

Yes, Roanoke County Fire & Rescue requires a permit. During this process, the burn site will be inspected to ensure compliance. In addition, the fire has to remain attended at all times. Open burning for land clearing operations have special provisions that have to be followed to reduce air emissions (smoke) and include a pit and air curtain incinerator (air blower). Refuse or trash cannot be burned and a means to extinguish the fire has to be available.

  • When can open burning take place?

From February 15th to April 30th, open burning, including recreational fires, can only be done between the hours of 4 p.m. and midnight so that Department of Forestry guide lines can be met. Between the months of May through September, open burning, with the exception of recreational fires, cannot be done in order to meet DEQ guidelines.

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