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Trash Collection for Streets Beginning with B
Listing of Streets in Roanoke County
To find your trash collection day or bulk collection week (either A Week or B Week), click on the first letter of your street name below. Search for the street you live on alphabetically. 

Street Names A-M
AB |  C |  D |  E |  F |  G |  H |  I |  J |  K |  L |  M 

Street Names N-Z
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Note: If your street is not listed, please contact the Solid Waste Office at (540) 387-6225.

Street Name

Pick-Up Day

A / B Week

Back Creek Circle Monday B Week
Back Creek Orchard Road Tuesday B Week
Back Creek Road Monday B Week
Baker Drive Thursday B Week
Baldwin Court Thursday B Week
Ballard Street Monday B Week
Ballyhack Tr Monday B Week
Balsam Drive Tuesday A Week
Bandy Lane Monday B Week 
Bandy Road Monday B Week
Barbara Circle Tuesday B Week
Barley Drive Wednesday A Week
Barn Owl Circle Monday B Week
Barn Swallow Circle Monday B Week
Barnaget Drive Thursday B Week
Barns Avenue Wednesday B Week
Barrens Road Thursday A Week
Barrens Village Court Thursday A Week
Barrens Village Lane Thursday A Week
Barrister Drive Wednesday A Week
Barton Street Monday B Week
Bauman Drive Wednesday B Week
Bayberry Court Tuesday B Week
Beacon Drive Monday A Week
Bear Claw Farms Lane Wednesday B Week 
Bear Creek Drive Wednesday A Week
Bear Ridge Circle Tuesday A Week
Bearing Road Tuesday B Week
Beasley Trail Tuesday B Week
Beason Lane Wednesday A Week
Beaufort Court Thursday A Week
Beaumont Road Thursday A Week
Beaver Brook Road Wednesday A Week
Beavers Circle Thursday B Week
Beavers Lane Thursday B Week
Beech Cove Lane Thursday B Week
Beech Cove Trail Thursday B Week
Beechnut Road Tuesday B Week
Beechwood Drive Thursday B Week
Belcroft Court Tuesday B Week
Beldon Drive Wednesday B Week
Belle Haven Road Thursday A Week
Belle Meade Drive Tuesday A Week
Belmont Court Thursday B Week
Bendemeer Road Wednesday B Week
Bending Oak Drive Wednesday B Week
Bennett Springs Road Wednesday B Week
Benois Road Monday B Week
Bent Mountain Road Tuesday B Week
Bent Tree Circle Wednesday A Week
Berganblick Lane Tuesday B Week
Berkley Road Thursday B Week
Berkley Place Drive Monday B Week
Bernard Drive Monday B Week
Berry Hill Circle Thursday B Week
Berryhill Drive Monday A Week
Berrybrook Drive Wednesday B Week
Beverly Boulevard (2600 - 2800 odd) Monday A Week
Big Ben Drive Thursday A Week 
Bighorn Drive Tuesday A Week
Birch Court Monday B Week
Birkdale Drive Thursday A Week
Biscayne Road Thursday A Week
Black Bear Lane Monday B Week
Black Horse Lane Tuesday B Week
Black Walnut Court Wednesday B Week
Blackhawk Circle Wednesday A Week
Blacksburg Road Wednesday B Week
Blackwood Drive Tuesday A Week
Blandfield Drive Thursday B Week
Bloomfield Avenue Thursday B Week
Blue Bird Circle Monday B Week
Blue Heron Circle Monday B Week
Blue Jay Circle Tuesday A Week
Blue View Drive Thursday B Week
Blueberry Ridge Thursday B Week
Bluebird Lane Wednesday B Week
Bluff Road Monday B Week
Bobby Drive Thursday A Week
Bobolink Lane Monday B Week
Bobwhite Drive Monday B Week
Bohon Farm Road Tuesday B Week
Bohon Hollow Road Wednesday A Week
Bolejack Boulevard Thursday A Week
Bond Street Monday A Week
Bonsack Road Thursday B Week
Bonsall Lane Monday B Week
Booher Drive Wednesday A Week
Boones Chapel Road Monday B Week
Boones Trail Monday B Week 
Bottom Creek Lane Tuesday B Week
Bottom Creek Road Tuesday B Week
Botts Hollow Road Wednesday A Week
Bower Road Monday A Week
Boxley Road Thursday A Week
Boxwood Circle Tuesday B Week
Boxwood Drive Tuesday B Week
Bradford Circle Tuesday A Week
Bradshaw Road Wednesday B Week
Brahma Road Tuesday A Week
Brambleton Avenue (3100 - 4200) Monday A Week
Brambleton Avenue (4200 block and up) Tuesday B Week
Branch Road Monday B Week
Branchside Drive Wednesday A Week
Branderwood Drive Monday B Week
Brandy Run Drive Wednesday A Week
Brandywine Avenue Monday A Week
Branico Drive Tuesday B Week
Brent Circle Thursday A Week
Brentwood Court Tuesday B Week
Brethren Road Monday B Week
Brewster Circle Wednesday A Week
Brian Road Wednesday B Week
Briar Hill Court Thursday B Week
Briar Ridge Circle Tuesday B Week
Briarwood Drive Thursday B Week
Bridgeport Lane Thursday B Week
Bridle Lane Tuesday A Week
Bridlewood Drive Tuesday B Week
Britaney Road Thursday B Week
Brogan Circle Wednesday A Week
Brogan Lane Wednesday A Week
Bromley Lane Wednesday B Week
Bromley Road Monday A Week
Brookfield Drive Tuesday A Week
Brookfield Road Thursday A Week
Brookhaven Court Tuesday B Week
Brookridge Road Monday B Week
Brookshire Drive Thursday B Week
Brookview Road Thursday A Week
Brookwood Drive Tuesday A Week
Broughton Drive Tuesday B Week
Broyles Lane Thursday B Week
Brubaker Drive Wednesday B Week
Brushy Ridge Road Wednesday A Week
Bryan Road Monday B Week
Bryant Circle Thursday A Week
Buck Crossing Drive Monday B Week
Buck Mountain Road Monday B Week
Buckeye Road Tuesday B Week
Buckhorn Road Monday B Week
Buckingham Circle Monday A Week
Buckingham Drive Monday A Week
Buckland Mill Road Thursday A Week
Buckskin Lane Wednesday A Week
Buckwood Trail Wednesday B Week
Buffalo Circle Wednesday A Week
Bugle Lane Wednesday B Week
Bullington Circle Wednesday B Week
Bunker Circle Thursday A Week
Bunker Hill Drive Monday A Week
Bunker Lane Thursday A Week
Burkwood Circle Tuesday B Week
Burlington Drive Wednesday B Week
Burnham Road Tuesday A Week
Burnt Quarter Drive Thursday B Week
Bushdale Road Monday B Week
Butt Hollow Road Wednesday A Week
Butternut Road Tuesday B Week
Bydawyle Drive Wednesday A Week
Byers Road Thursday A Week
Byron Circle Wednesday B Week
Byron Drive Wednesday B Week

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