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Trash Collection for Streets Beginning with C
Listing of Streets in Roanoke County
To find your trash collection day or bulk collection week (either A Week or B Week), click on the first letter of your street name below. Search for the street you live on alphabetically. 

Street Names A-M
AB |  C |  D |  E |  F |  G |  H |  I |  J |  K |  L |  M 

Street Names N-Z
N |  O |  P |  Q |  R |  S |  T |  U |  V |  W |  X |  Y |  Z

Note: If your street is not listed, please contact the Solid Waste Office at (540) 387-6225.

Street Name

Pick-Up Day

A / B Week

Cabin Creek Drive Tuesday A Week
Calder Road Wednesday B Week
Calloway Ave Wednesday A Week
Cambridge Court Road Thursday B Week
Cambridge Drive Thursday B Week
Cameron Drive Thursday B Week
Camney Lane Thursday B Week
Campbell Drive Wednesday A Week
Campbell View Lane Monday B Week
Candlelight Circle Wednesday B Week
Cannery Road Wednesday A Week
Canoe Circle Wednesday A Week
Canter Circle Tuesday A Week
Canter Drive Tuesday B Week
Cantle Lane Tuesday A Week
Canyon Road Tuesday B Week
Capito Street Thursday A Week
Capulet Court Monday B Week
Cardinal Drive Wednesday B Week
Cardington Drive Thursday A Week
Carefree Ln Wednesday B Week
Carleton Drive Wednesday A Week
Carlos Drive Thursday A Week
Carlsbad Circle Thursday B Week
Carner Lane Wednesday B Week
Carol Lane Monday B Week
Carolina Trail Thursday A Week
Carolyn Circle Tuesday A Week
Carons View Lane Monday B Week
Carr Rouse Road Monday B Week
Carriage Drive Tuesday A Week
Carriage Hills Drive Tuesday B Week
Carriage Park Drive Thursday  A Week
Carson Road Thursday B Week
Carter Grove Circle Thursday B Week
Carter Grove Lane Thursday B Week
Carter Lane Wednesday A Week
Carterdell Road Wednesday B Week
Cartwright Drive Tuesday B Week
Carvin Street Thursday A Week
Carvins Cove Road Wednesday B Week
Cascades Court Wednesday  A Week
Casey Road  Wednesday B Week
Castle Hill Street Monday A Week
Castle Rock Road Tuesday A Week
Castle View Court Tuesday A Week
Castle View Lane Tuesday A Week
Castleridge Road Thursday B Week
Catawba Creek Road Wednesday B Week
Catawba Forest Ln Wednesday B Week
Catawba Hospital Drive Wednesday B Week
Catawba Valley Drive Wednesday B Week
Cavalier Court Tuesday B Week
Cavalier Drive Tuesday B Week
Cave Spring Circle Tuesday A Week
Cave Spring Lane Tuesday A Week
Cedar Crest Road Wednesday B Week
Cedar Edge Road Tuesday B Week
Cedar Hill Thursday A Week
Cedar Lane Monday A Week
Cedar Ridge Road Tuesday A Week
Cedarmeade Drive Monday  B Week
Cee Street Wednesday B Week
 Cell Tower Drive Monday B Week
Celtic Circle Wednesday A Week
Centurion Road Wednesday B Week
Century Drive Wednesday B Week
Cezanne Court Tuesday B Week
Chadsworth Court Tuesday B Week
Chadwick Circle Thursday B Week
Chagall Circle  Tuesday  B Week
Chagall Drive Tuesday B Week
Challenger Avenue Thursday B Week
Chaparral Drive Monday B Week
 Chaparral Drive (4133, 4134, 4137, 4150 & 4151 ONLY) Tuesday A Week
Charing Cross Drive Monday A Week
Charlestown Square Thursday B Week
Charleswood Road Monday B Week
Charnwood Circle Wednesday B Week
Chase Court Wednesday B Week
Chateau Court Thursday B Week
Chatsworth Drive Tuesday B Week
Chaucers Court Tuesday B Week
Chelsea Street Monday A Week
Cherokee Hills Drive Wednesday A Week
Cherry Blossom Circle Wednesday B Week
Chester Avenue Thursday A Week
Chester Drive Thursday A Week
Chestnut Mountain Circle Thursday B Week
Chestnut Mountain Drive Thursday B Week
Chickasaw Drive Wednesday B Week
Chip Circle Tuesday A Week
Chippenham Drive Tuesday B Week
Choctaw Road Wednesday B Week
Christie Lane Tuesday A Week
Christopher Drive Tuesday B Week
Chukar Drive Monday B Week
Cider Mill Court Thursday B Week
Circle Creek Drive Monday B Week
Circleview Drive Monday B Week
Clayton Lane Wednesday A Week
Clayview Circle Tuesday A Week
Clear Spring Road Wednesday B Week
Clearbrook Lane Monday B Week
Clearbrook Village Ln Monday B Week
Clearview Drive Monday A Week
Clearwater Avenue Thursday A Week
Clearwood Drive Monday B Week
Clover Hill Road Tuesday B Week
Cloverdale Road Thursday B Week
Cloverleaf Circle Wednesday A Week
Club Lane Tuesday A Week
Clubhouse Drive Thursday A Week
Coachman Circle Thursday B Week
Coachman Drive Thursday B Week
Cobble Lane Tuesday B Week
Cobble Trail Tuesday B Week
Coleman Road Tuesday B Week
Coles Road Tuesday B Week
College Drive Thursday A Week
College View Court Thursday A Week
Colonial Avenue Monday A Week
Colonial Court Drive Monday A Week
Colonial Place Drive Monday A Week
Colony Court Monday A Week
Colony Lane Monday A Week
Columbine Lane Thursday A Week
Commander Drive Wednesday B Week
Commonwealth Drive Tuesday B Week
Concord Place Monday A Week
Connie Drive Wednesday B Week
Connors Court Wednesday A Week
Connors Run Wednesday A Week
Consul Drive Wednesday B Week
Cook Creek Road Thursday B Week
Cooper Street Thursday A Week
Coopers Cove Road Monday B Week
Copper Circle Thursday A Week
Cordell Drive Monday A Week
Corllens Lane Thursday B Week
Corntassel Lane Tuesday B Week
Coronado Drive Wednesday A Week
Corporate Circle Wednesday A Week
Cortland Road Thursday B Week
Cottage Rose Lane Thursday B Week
Cotton Hill Lane Tuesday B Week
Cotton Hill Road Tuesday B Week
Country Cottage Lane Monday B Week
Country Farm Road Wednesday A Week
Country Homes Road Tuesday B Week
Country Lane Tuesday B Week
Country View Road Tuesday B Week
Countrywood Drive Tuesday B Week
Countyline Road Tuesday B Week
Cove Hollow Road Wednesday A Week
Cove Road Wednesday B Week
Cowman Road Monday B Week
Cox Hopkins Road Monday B Week
Craighead Lane Wednesday B Week
Cranwell Drive Thursday B Week
Craun Lane Wednesday B Week
Crawford Road Monday A Week
Creek Circle Tuesday B Week
Creekside Drive Tuesday A Week
Creekview Court Tuesday B Week
Creekwood Drive Wednesday A Week
Crescent Boulevard Monday B Week
Crescent Lane Monday B Week
Crest Street Tuesday A Week
Cresthill Drive Monday A Week
Crestland Drive Thursday A Week
Crestwood Drive Monday B Week
Crocus Circle Thursday B Week
Crofton Drive Thursday B Week
Cromwell Court Tuesday B Week
Crossbow Circle Monday B Week
Crossmill Lane Wednesday A Week
Crosstimbers Trail Wednesday B Week
Crotts Lane Thursday A Week
Crowell Gap Road Monday B Week
Crown Circle Wednesday A Week
Crown Road Tuesday B Week
Crumpacker Drive Thursday B Week
Crutchfield Street Thursday A Week
Crystal Anne Lane Thursday A Week
Crystal Creek Drive Tuesday B Week
Cundiff Drive Thursday B Week
Cunningham Drive Wednesday A Week
Custis Avenue Monday A Week
Cynthia Drive Tuesday A Week

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