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Trash Collection for Streets Beginning with L
Listing of Streets in Roanoke County
To find your trash collection day or bulk collection week (either A Week or B Week), click on the first letter of your street name below. Search for the street you live on alphabetically. 

Street Names A-M
AB |  C |  D |  E |  F |  G |  H |  I |  J |  K |  L |  M 

Street Names N-Z
N |  O |  P |  Q |  R |  S |  T |  U |  V |  W |  X |  Y |  Z

Note: If your street is not listed, please contact the Solid Waste Office at (540) 387-6225.

Street Name

Pick-Up Day

A / B Week

La Bellevue Drive Thursday B Week
La Marre Circle Thursday A Week
La Marre Drive Thursday A Week
Laban Road Thursday A Week
Labradore Drive Thursday B Week
Lake Back-O-Beyond Drive Thursday B Week
Lake Front Drive Wednesday A Week
Lake Street Monday B Week
Lakedale Road Tuesday B Week
Lakeland Drive Tuesday A Week
Lakemont Drive Tuesday A Week
Lakeview Circle Wednesday B Week
Lakeview Place Wednesday B Week
Lamplighter Drive Wednesday B Week
Lanasey Drive Wednesday B Week
Lancaster Road Tuesday B Week
Lancer Drive Tuesday A Week
Landfair Drive Thursday B Week
Landmark Circle Tuesday B Week
Landview Drive Tuesday B Week
Lanewood Drive Monday A Week
Lange Lane Tuesday B Week
Langland Drive Thursday B Week
Langley Lane Thursday A Week
Lantern Street Wednesday B Week
Lapping Lane Tuesday A Week
Lark Circle Monday B Week
Larry Guthrie Drive Monday B Week
Larson Lane Monday A Week
Larson Oaks Drive Monday A Week
Laryn Lane Tuesday A Week
Laurel Circle Monday B Week
Laurel Creek Road  Tuesday B Week
Laurel Drive Monday B Week
Laurel Glen Lane Thursday B Week
Laurel Glen Road Thursday B Week
Laurel Hill Road Tuesday B Week
Laurel Mountain Drive Wednesday A Week
Laurel Ridge Drive Thursday B Week
Laurel Woods Drive Wednesday A Week
Lawndale Road Monday A Week
Lawrence Lane Tuesday B Week
Lawson Lane Thursday B Week
Lawyer Drive Wednesday A Week
Layman Road Thursday B Week
Layne Court Wednesday B Week
Leawood Circle Tuesday A Week
Ledgewood Avenue Tuesday A Week
Lee Road Wednesday A Week
Leffel Road Monday B Week
Leffler Lane Tuesday B Week
Legate Drive Wednesday B Week
Leigh Lane Tuesday A Week
Leighburn Drive Thursday A Week 
Lelia Circle Wednesday A Week
Lemon Lane Monday B Week
Lenora Road Monday A Week
Leslie Lane Monday A Week
Levi Road Tuesday B Week
Lewis Road Monday B Week
Lila Drive Thursday A Week
Lilac Lane Wednesday A Week
Lilly Drive Tuesday A Week
Lilly Hill Road Tuesday B Week
Linda Lane Tuesday A Week
Lindenwood Drive Thursday B Week
Linn Cove Court Tuesday B Week
Linn Drive Wednesday B Week
Lipps Road Tuesday A Week
Little Bear Road Wednesday A Week
Little Hoop Road Thursday A Week
Little Walk Road Wednesday B Week
Littlehorn Drive Tuesday A Week
Littleton Road Wednesday B Week
Loblolly Drive Wednesday B Week
Loch Haven Drive Thursday A Week
Loch Haven Lake Drive Thursday A Week
Lockhart Drive Monday B Week
Locust Grove Lane Wednesday A Week
Lodi Lane Tuesday B Week
Lofton Road Monday A Week
Lois Lane Thursday A Week
Loman Drive Thursday A Week
Lomond Circle Wednesday A Week
London Circle Monday A Week
Londonderry Court Monday B Week
Londonderry Lane Monday B Week
Longhorn Road Tuesday A Week
Longleaf Drive Wednesday B Week
Longridge Circle Tuesday A Week
Longridge Drive Tuesday A Week
Longview Road Tuesday B Week
Lonna Drive Wednesday B Week
Lonsdale Road Tuesday A Week
Lookout Lane Tuesday B Week
Lori Drive Monday B Week
Lost Drive Tuesday B Week
Lost Hollow Road Wednesday B Week
Lost Mountain Road Tuesday B Week
Lost View Lane Tuesday B Week
Lothar Street Wednesday A Week
Louise Circle Wednesday A Week
Louise Wells Drive Thursday A Week
Lowland Lane Tuesday B Week
Lula Avenue Thursday A Week
Luther Drive Tuesday A Week
Luwana Drive Tuesday A Week
Lynndell Road Tuesday A Week
Lynnson Drive Tuesday A Week

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