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Trash Collection for Streets Beginning with S
Listing of Streets in Roanoke County
To find your trash collection day or bulk collection week (either A Week or B Week), click on the first letter of your street name below. Search for the street you live on alphabetically. 

Street Names A-M
AB |  C |  D |  E |  F |  G |  H |  I |  J |  K |  L |  M 

Street Names N-Z
N |  O |  P |  Q |  R |  S |  T |  U |  V |  W |  X |  Y |  Z

Note: If your street is not listed, please contact the Solid Waste Office at (540) 387-6225.

Street Name

Pick-Up Day

A / B Week

Saddleridge Circle Tuesday B Week
Saddleridge Lane Tuesday B Week
Saddleridge Road Tuesday B Week
Sagewood Circle Wednesday B Week
Salisbury Drive Tuesday B Week
Sallie Lane Wednesday A Week
Samantha Circle Thursday A Week
Sanderson Drive Thursday A Week
Sandhurst Drive Tuesday B Week
Sandlewood Road Monday B Week
Sandpiper Drive Monday B Week
Sandyridge Road Wednesday B Week
Santa Anita Terrace Wednesday B Week
Santa Fe Trail Monday B Week
Santee Road Thursday A Week
Sassafras Circle Thursday B Week
Saul Lane Monday B Week
Sawgrass Court Wednesday A Week
Sawmill Branch Road Wednesday A Week
Scarlet Oak Court Wednesday B Week
Scarlet Oak Drive Wednesday B Week
Scenery Drive Wednesday A Week
Scenic Hills Drive Tuesday B Week
Scotch Pine Lane Wednesday B Week
Scotford Court Tuesday B Week
Scout Circle Wednesday A Week
Sedgefield Road Monday A Week
Sedgewick Drive Tuesday B Week
Seneca Drive Thursday A Week
Sequoia Drive Wednesday B Week
Setter Road Thursday B Week
Sha-Al Road Monday B Week
Shadow Hollow Lane Monday B Week
Shadow Lane Wednesday B Week
Shadwell Drive Thursday A Week
Shady Acres Drive Monday B Week
Shady Side Drive Tuesday A Week
Sharmar Road Monday A Week
Sharolyn Drive Tuesday A Week
Shaver Road Tuesday B Week
Shawnee Trail Wednesday B Week
Sheila Lane Tuesday A Week
Shelby Drive Tuesday A Week
Sheldon Drive Monday A Week
Shellie Lane Tuesday B Week
Shelor Avenue Wednesday A Week
Shelor Farm Lane Wednesday A Week
Sherry Road Thursday A Week
Sherwood Road Wednesday B Week
Shingle Ridge Road Tuesday B Week
Shirley Road Wednesday A Week
Shorthorn Drive Tuesday A Week
Shrewsbury Court Tuesday B Week
Sidetrack Road Thursday B Week
Sierra Drive Wednesday B Week
Silver Fox Road Monday B Week
Silver Leaf Drive Wednesday A Week
Simsmore Avenue Monday B Week
Singing Hills Circle Monday B Week
Singing Hills Road Monday B Week
Sinker Lane Wednesday B Week
Sky Ridge Rd Tuesday B Week
Skycoe Drive Wednesday A Week
Skylark Circle Monday B Week
Skyview Road Wednesday A Week
Sleepy Hollow Drive Monday B Week
Sleepy Hollow Road Wednesday A Week
Slings Gap Road Tuesday B Week
Slusser Lane Thursday A Week
Smoke Rise Court Monday B Week
Smokey Ridge Road Tuesday A Week
Snow Owl Drive Tuesday A Week
Snowberry Circle Wednesday B Week
Snowbird Circle Tuesday A Week
Snowgoose Circle Tuesday A Week
Soft Drive Thursday A Week
Solonevich Road Tuesday B Week
Sorrel Lane Tuesday A Week
Sourwood Street Thursday B Week
South Battery Drive Thursday A Week
South Bend Drive Thursday A Week
South Drive Wednesday B Week
South Gala Drive Thursday B Week
South Indian Grave Road Monday B Week
South Mountain Drive Monday B Week
South Park Circle Monday A Week
South Roselawn Road Tuesday B Week
South Village Drive Monday B Week
Southern Pines Drive Monday B Week
Southview Drive Wednesday A Week
Southwest River Road Wednesday A Week
Southwick Circle Monday A Week
Southwoods Drive Monday A Week
Sparks Road Tuesday B Week
Spencer Drive Tuesday A Week
Spicewood Lane Wednesday A Week
Spillway Lane Tuesday A Week
Split Oak Road Tuesday B Week
Split Rail Lane Tuesday B Week
Spotswood Drive Monday B Week
Spradlin Drive Monday B Week
Spring Grove Drive Thursday B Week
Spring Meadow Court Tuesday A Week
Spring Meadow Drive Tuesday A Week
Spring Run Drive Tuesday B Week
Springer Road Thursday B Week
Springfield Drive Thursday B Week
Springlawn Avenue Tuesday A Week
Springmill Road Tuesday A Week
Squires Court Tuesday B Week
St Ives Court Tuesday B Week
St James Circle Monday A Week
Stable Road Monday B Week
Stacie Drive Thursday B Week
Stallion Circle Tuesday A Week
Stanford Drive Wednesday A Week
Stanley Lane Wednesday A Week
Stanley Farm Road Wednesday A Week
Starkey Lane Monday B Week
Starkey Road Monday B Week
Starlight Lane Monday B Week
Starmount Avenue Thursday A Week
Starter Lane Wednesday A Week
Staton Drive Thursday B Week
Stayman Drive Thursday B Week
Stearnes Avenue Monday B Week
Steele Road Monday A Week
Steeplechase Drive Tuesday B Week
Sterling Place Circle Thursday B Week
Sterling Road Monday B Week
Stewart View Terrace Thursday B Week
Stickley Lane Tuesday B Week
Still Branch Road Wednesday B Week
Stokes Drive Thursday A Week
Stone Creek Path Thursday B Week
Stone House Lane Thursday A Week
Stone Manor Drive Tuesday B Week
Stone Mountain Road Tuesday B Week
Stoneacres Drive Thursday B Week
Stonebridge Circle Thursday B Week
Stonebridge Drive Thursday B Week
Stonecreek Way Thursday A Week
Stonecroft Court Tuesday B Week
Stonehenge Square Monday B Week
Stoneledge Drive Thursday A Week
Stonelyn Cottage Court Wednesday B Week
Stonemill Drive Tuesday A Week
Stoneskeep Lane Wednesday A Week
Stonewood Drive Wednesday A Week
Stoney Corner Lane Thursday A Week
Stoney Creek Lane Wednesday B Week
Stoney Point Road Tuesday B Week
Stoney Ridge Drive Thursday B Week
Stoneybrook Drive Tuesday A Week
Stonington Road Thursday A Week
Stratford Way Tuesday B Week
Strathmore Lane Thursday A Week
Strawberry Lane Tuesday B Week
Strawberry Mountain Drive Tuesday B Week
Stypes Branch Road Wednesday A Week
Sudley Road Thursday A Week
Sugar Camp Creek Rd (bring bulk to main road) Tuesday B Week
Sugar Loaf Drive Tuesday A Week
Sugar Maple Court Wednesday B Week
Sugar Ridge Drive Tuesday A Week
Sugar Rum Ridge Road Tuesday B Week
Sugar Loaf Mountain Road Tuesday A Week
Sulgrave Road Tuesday B Week
Sullivan Lane Thursday B Week 
Summer Drive Wednesday B Week
Summer View Drive Thursday A Week
Summerdean Avenue Thursday A Week
Summerfield Drive Thursday B Week
Summerset Circle Monday B Week
Summerset Drive Monday B Week
Summerville Lane Thursday A Week
Summit Ridge Road Thursday B Week
Sumpter Place Thursday A Week
Sun Valley Lane Monday B Week
Sunberry Circle Tuesday B Week
Suncrest Drive Monday B Week
Sundance Circle Thursday A Week
Sundance Road Wednesday A Week
Sunflower Drive Thursday B Week
Sunny Side Drive Tuesday A Week
Sunnybrook Drive Thursday A Week
Sunnycrest Lane Tuesday B Week
Sunnycrest Loop Tuesday B Week 
Sunnycrest Road Tuesday B Week
Sunnyvale Road Tuesday B Week
Sunnyvale Street Monday B Week
Surrey Lane Thursday B Week
Susquehanna Range Wednesday A Week
Sutherland Circle Wednesday A Week
Swan Drive Thursday B Week
Sweet Bay Circle Thursday B Week
Sweet Cherry Court Wednesday B Week
Sweet Pine Acres Lane Tuesday B Week
Sweetenberg Lane Wednesday B Week
Sweetfern Drive Wednesday B Week
Swimmer Lane Wednesday A Week
Sycamore Drive Wednesday B Week
Sylvanbrook Road Tuesday B Week

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