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Trash Collection for Streets Beginning with W
Listing of Streets in Roanoke County
To find your trash collection day or bulk collection week (either A Week or B Week), click on the first letter of your street name below. Search for the street you live on alphabetically. 

Street Names A-M
AB |  C |  D |  E |  F |  G |  H |  I |  J |  K |  L |  M 

Street Names N-Z
N |  O |  P |  Q |  R |  S |  T |  U |  V |  W |  X |  Y |  Z

Note: If your street is not listed, please contact the Solid Waste Office at (540) 387-6225.

Street Name

Pick-Up Day

A / B Week

Wabun Lane Tuesday A Week
Wade Road Tuesday B Week
Wakefield Avenue Monday A Week
Waldon Lane Wednesday A Week
Wales Court Tuesday B Week
Walhalla Ct Thursday A Week
Walking Lane Tuesday A Week
Walrond Drive Thursday A Week
Walton Lane Tuesday A Week
Wanaga Way Drive Wednesday A Week
Warbonnet Road Wednesday A Week
Warring Lane Monday B Week
Warrior Drive Wednesday A Week
Warwood Drive Tuesday A Week
Washington Avenue Thursday B Week
Water Oak Road Thursday A Week
Waterfall Drive Thursday A Week
Waterstone Drive Tuesday B Week
Wates Lane Wednesday B Week
Waxmyrtle Drive Wednesday B Week
Waxwing Circle Monday B Week
Wayburn Drive Wednesday B Week
Weaver Road Wednesday A Week
Webb Road Monday B Week
Webster Drive Thursday A Week
Wedgewood Road Monday A Week
Wellington Road Tuesday B Week
Wendover Road Wednesday B Week
Wertz Orchard Road Tuesday B Week
West Main Street Wednesday A Week
West River Road Wednesday A Week
West Riverside Drive Tuesday A Week
West Ruritan Road Thursday B Week
Westbriar Court Tuesday B Week
Westfield Place Wednesday B Week
Westhill Drive Tuesday A Week
Westmoreland Drive Monday A Week
Westshire Court Tuesday B Week
Westward Lake Drive Wednesday A Week
Wesvan Drive Thursday B Week
Whippletree Drive Tuesday A Week
Whipplewood Court Monday B Week
Whipplewood Drive Monday B Week
Whippoorwill Lane Tuesday A Week
Whispering Lane Monday B Week
Whispering Wind Drive Wednesday A Week
Whistler Drive Tuesday B Week
White Dove Lane Tuesday A Week
White Eagle Lane Wednesday A Week
White Oak Drive Wednesday B Week
White Pelican Lane Monday B Week
Whitehall Circle Monday A Week
Whittler Court Wednesday B Week
Wild Cherry Court Wednesday B Week
Wild Oak Drive Monday B Week
Wild Turkey Road Monday B Week
Wildflower Lane Tuesday A Week
Wildwood Road Wednesday A Week
Will Carter Lane Monday B Week
Willett Lane Tuesday B Week
Willetta Drive Monday A Week
William Court Monday B Week
Williams Drive Wednesday A Week
Williamsburg Court Tuesday B Week
Williamson Road (7499 to 5400) Wednesday B Week
Williamson Road (7500 to 8299) Thursday A Week
Williby Road Wednesday B Week
Willingham Drive Tuesday B Week
Willow Branch Road Monday B Week
Willow Creek Drive Wednesday B Week
Willow Leaf Circle Tuesday B Week
Willow Ridge Road Wednesday B Week
Willow Spring Road Tuesday B Week
Willow Valley Road Tuesday B Week
Willowbrook Drive Thursday B Week
Willowlawn Street Monday A Week
Wilson Mountain Road Monday B Week
Wilson Road Monday B Week
Wimbledon Court Tuesday B Week
Wind Song Lane Tuesday A Week
Windcrest Lane Thursday B Week
Windermere Way Monday B Week
Windfall Drive Wednesday B Week
Windridge Parkway Monday B Week
Windrush Lane Thursday B Week
Windy Gap Drive Monday B Week
Windy Hill Circle Drive Thursday A Week
Wineberry Trail Tuesday B Week
Winesap Drive Thursday B Week
Wing Commander Drive Tuesday B Week
Winnbrook Court Tuesday A Week
Winnbrook Drive Tuesday A Week
Winnbrook Lane Tuesday A Week
Winter Drive Monday B Week
Winter Park Drive Wednesday B Week
Winterberry Court Monday A Week
Winterberry Drive Monday A Week
Winterberry Square Monday A Week
Winterset Drive Monday B Week
Winterwood Trail Tuesday B Week
Wipledale Avenue Wednesday B Week
Wisteria Place Court Thursday B Week
Wolf Crest Thursday B Week
Wolf Run Thursday B Week
Wood Haven Road Wednesday B Week
Wood Road Monday B Week
Wood Warbler Lane Monday B Week
Woodbrook Drive Tuesday B Week
Woodbury Street Wednesday B Week
Woodchuck Lane Monday B Week
Woodcock Circle Monday B Week
Woodcreeper Drive Wednesday B Week
Woodland Drive Monday A Week
Woodland Lane Monday B Week
Woodley Drive Monday A Week
Woodmere Drive Thursday B Week
Woodmont Drive Tuesday A Week
Woodridge Drive Tuesday A Week
Woods Crossing Drive Monday B Week
Woods Meadow Court Tuesday A Week
 Woods Meadow Lane Tuesday A Week
Woodthrush Circle Monday B Week
Woodthrush Drive  Monday B Week
Woodvale Circle Tuesday A Week
Woodvale Drive Tuesday A Week
Woodvalley Drive Thursday B Week
Woodview Road Monday A Week
Woodway Road Monday B Week
Wormack Road Thursday A Week
Wren Road Tuesday B Week
Wygal Drive Wednesday A Week
Wyndale Avenue Monday A Week
Wynmere Drive Monday A Week
Wynne Road Tuesday A Week

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