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Statistical Abstract
Current Policy Issues & Trends in the County
The purpose of the Statistical Abstract is to establish a source of data that will help inform discussions of current policy issues and trends in Roanoke County. This report provides public officials, local citizens, and others interested in Roanoke County with basic information and important facts about past trends as well as current conditions in the county.

The Statistical Abstract is part of the Comprehensive Plan and serves as a profile of the following:

Please note: The links above provide access to entire chapters. However, individual topic sheets are available by clicking on the outline below. This information is intended to provide a general overview of the county. Where data that is more specific exists, the statistical abstract can allow for the examination of trends in different geographical areas of the county. Roanoke County includes the Town of Vinton. However, the Town of Vinton operates various services independently. Census data will include the Town of Vinton, while other information may not be available.

Statistical Abstract Outline
Countywide Land Use & Housing

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Last updated:
April 30, 2010