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ACA Accreditation
ACA Accreditation
Roanoke County Sheriff's Office Achieves National Re-Accreditation from ACA!

On July 21, 2012, the Roanoke County/Salem Jail was honored to be re-accredited for the fourth time by the American Correctional Association. 

The Sheriff's Office staff dedicated themselves to three year's worth of hard work and thorough self-examination of the jail facility and its operations to ensure compliance with the 383 standards necessary for accreditation. The standards cover such areas as the jail's administrative operations, budget/fiscal management, staff training, inmate records, jail security & operations, inmate classification and discipline, jail physical plant, food service, safety & sanitation, health care and other inmate services & programs. To be accredited by ACA, a jail must be in compliance with 100% of the mandatory standards (60) and 90% of the non-mandatory standards (323).

The Roanoke County/Salem Jail is proud to report compliance with 100% of the mandatory standards and 98.6% of the non-mandatory standards. Several of the standards found in non-compliance dealt with the jail's physical plant (construction) and were not capable of being brought into compliance without major facility renovation.

The three year accreditation award granted to Roanoke County/Salem Jail does not signal the end of our involvement in the accreditation process. During the award period, staff will work to improve any deficiencies identified during the audit and maintain continuous compliance with the standards.

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