Historic Resources in Roanoke County

Pleasant GroveHistoric resources, which include buildings, districts, bridges, public art and landscapes, are structures and places that connect the past to the present. They not only enrich our built environment and sense of place, but also provide perspectives on who we were and who we are - as individuals and as a community.

Historic Places Story Map

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This webpage provides information on historic resources in Roanoke County as well as links to other sources of information such as the Virginia Historical Inventory and the Library of Congress' Digital Collections. For additional information on historic resources or preservation efforts in Roanoke County, please contact Alexander Jones by email at amjones@roanokecountyva.gov or by phone at 540-772-2163.

Historic Surveys & Inventories

Cultural Expressions of Nature in Sacred Contexts: Documentation of Family and Community Cemeteries in Roanoke County, Virginia (2000) (PDF)

  • A study with the goal of identifying and documenting as many inactive, family cemeteries in the Roanoke Valley as possible and collecting information to facilitate their protection and study as important components of our cultural landscape (1.5 MB).

Historical Architecture Reconnaissance Survey Report: Roanoke County, Virginia (1992) (PDF)

  • A survey of over 400 historic resources in Roanoke County including all antebellum buildings and structures as well as outstanding examples of cultural resources built after 1861. These resources may include buildings, structures, site and landscapes (9 MB).

Sites of Historic Significance in Roanoke County, Virginia (1979) (PDF)

  • A survey of 37 sites in Roanoke County which have been identified as having particular historic architectural significance (4 MB).

Architecture, History and Preservation Links

History Museum of Western Virginia

History of Roanoke County, History of Roanoke City and History of the Norfolk and Western Railway Company (1912) (PDF)

Library of Congress Digital Collections

  • Access to print, pictorial and audio-visual collections and other digital services.

National Register of Historic Places

  • The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the Nation's historic places worthy of preservation.

Preservation Virginia

  • A private, non-profit organization and statewide historic preservation organization.

United States Digital Map Library

  • Online collection of both archival and newly made maps.

Vinton History Museum

  • A non-profit organization with a mission to research and document items of historical
    relevance, preserve historical documents and artifacts for future generations, promote educational opportunities for the community and partner with the Town of Vinton and County of Roanoke to provide a museum worthy of the citizens of Vinton.

Virginia Historical Inventory (Library of Virginia)

  • An online search engine providing interactive access to photographs, maps, and detailed written reports documenting the architectural, cultural, and family histories of thousands of 18th- and 19th- century buildings in communities across Virginia. This collection was originally assembled by the Virginia Writers' Project, part of the depression-era Works Progress Administration. Report, photograph, and map images are available online.

Virginia Landmarks Register

  • The Virginia Landmarks Register lists all Virginia resources approved for inclusion on the Register. Many of these resources are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Virginia State Historic Preservation Office