Focus Groups

Community Strategic Plan Focus Groups Roanoke County Virginia

Expectations of Focus Group Participants

County citizens are encouraged to participate in upcoming strategic plan focus groups that will work collaboratively with Board of Supervisors members and County staff to help create the Community Strategic Plan.

Broad goals and objectives outlined by the Focus Groups will be used to shape the future strategic direction of Roanoke County over the next several years.

SMART Principles to guide Focus Group Discussions

  • Sustainable - Can the goals and objectives be maintained over time?
  • Measureable - Can performance toward the goals be measured?
  • Actionable - Is it within the authority of the governing body?
  • Realistic - Is it feasible, economically and politically?
  • Timebound - Can it be achieved in a reasonable timeframe?

About the Meetings

Each Focus Group was hosted by a Board of Supervisors member with the exception of the Education group, which was hosted by the Roanoke County Public Schools Superintendent. Each Focus Group was facilitated by Roanoke County staff. Focus Groups met four times this spring beginning the week of February 29.

Focus Group meetings were open to the public and all interested citizens were encouraged to attend and participate in the meetings. Residents who signed up in advance for these meetings were assigned to Focus Groups that best matched their interests as space allowed. Information & updates about the Focus Group topics was sent to these individuals via email.

While attending every meeting was not mandatory, we encouraged all participants to attend each of the four focus group meetings if possible, in order to receive consistent citizen input throughout the process.

Focus Group Areas

Additional Information

For more information about the community strategic planning process please email County Administrator Dan O'Donnell, Assistant or call 540-772-2004.