Financial Policies

Providing a Basic Framework

Financial management policies assist in providing a basic framework for the overall fiscal management of the county government. These policies allow changing circumstances and conditions to be addressed and act as an aid in the decision-making process. Financial policies represent guidelines for evaluating current activities, establishing priorities, setting direction, and managing growth.

Comprehensive Financial Policy

Fiscal integrity is a top priority for the County of Roanoke. The County’s Comprehensive Financial Policy (PDF) establishes the framework for financial planning and management and provide guidelines against which budgetary performance can be measured and proposals for future funding can be evaluated. The policies further ensure that the County continues to be a model for excellence in government by providing direction in the areas of revenues, operating expenditures, Capital Improvement Program, reserves and debt management.

Investment Policy

The Investment Policy (PDF) establishes guidelines for the efficient management of county funds and shall apply to activities with regard to the investment of the financial assets of the county. The goal of the policy is to allow the county to obtain the highest possible yield on available county financial assets, consistent with constraints imposed by its safety objectives, cash flow considerations, and Virginia state laws that restrict the placement of public funds.

Capital Asset Policy

The Capital Asset Policy (PDF) defines what constitutes a capital asset for the County of Roanoke and establishes guidelines for recording and maintaining capital assets in accordance with GASB accounting standards.

Grant Policy

The Grant Policy (PDF) establishes guidelines for the proper oversight, administration, and accounting of all grants received by the County of Roanoke.