Roanoke County offers a selection of County Calendars to keep you informed about upcoming public meetings, public programs, and more events.  

One Calendar For All Your County Events

  • Select the Calendar icon to view upcoming from Roanoke County's departments, organized into one list.
  • The next upcoming events appear at the top of the Calendar List.
  • Swipe to see more Calendar events by date.
  • Select any Calendar Item from the list to see more details about that item.
  • See a Monthly View by selecting the Square Button at top right, and swipe to navigate to a new month to see future events.
  • Select the < RoCo Mobile button at top left to return to the app's home page.
Calendar List

See More Details About Any Calendar Event

  • Select any Calendar Event to see more information about the event, including date, time, location, and other event details.  
  • Events may include links to Roanoke County's website, directions, contact phone numbers or emails, and may also include links to downloadable documents or other resources. 
  • Use the Share button at top right to share the event by email, SMS text, or to your favorite social media channels.
  • Select the < Calendar button at top left to return to the Calendar List.
Calendar Event

Use Calendar Filters to See What's Most Important to You

  • Choose the Filter button at the top right on any Calendar List 
  • Use the Slider Controls to turn on or turn off selected categories.
  • You can re-set the categories at any time to display more or fewer categories.
  • When you are finished making your selections, press the X button to set your custom filter.
  • Select the < Calendar button at top left to return to the Calendar List.

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