Trespass Bar Notification Program

Trespass Bar Notification Program

The Trespass Bar Program is designed to assist Property Owners/Managers of apartment complexes, duplexes, other rental properties, and businesses in enforcing trespassing laws. 

Participation in the program allows Police Officers to enforce trespassing on private property when Owners/Managers are not present, i.e. after regular business hours.

Additional Information about the Program:

  • The program is voluntary and Property Owners/Managers must sign-up for the program. 
  • Property Owners/Managers must post their property with conspicuous No Trespassing signs at the points of access and egress.
  • Property Owners/Managers may sign-up by contacting the Uniform Division Office Support Specialist. 
  • Property Owners/Managers will need to sign and return a copy of the Trespass Enforcement Authorization Letter.

The Trespass Enforcement Authorization Letter must be signed and returned to the Department. After the Department receives the signed copy of the form, officers may begin to bar trespassers.

For additional information about the program, contact the Uniform Division Office Support Specialist at 540-777-8610, weekdays, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.  After hours or on weekends, please call Roanoke County's non-emergency line at 540-562-3265.

Trespass Enforcement Authorization Form
Please mail Original to: 

Roanoke County Police Department
Attention: Uniform Office Support Specialist
5925 Cove Road
Roanoke, Virginia 24019