About Roanoke County

  • A Brief History: The origins of the Roanoke Valley and the formation of the County of Roanoke.
  • Roanoke County Today: A monthly television show featuring news from Roanoke County, produced by Roanoke Valley Television (RVTV).
  • Community Civic Group Meetings: A list of community civic organizations around the County. Roanoke County hosts quarterly meetings to Civic Group presidents to inform these groups about County developments and to hear their concerns.
  • Quality of Life: Roanoke County's Department of Economic Development site hosts information about quality of life measures that make Roanoke County a great place to live and raise a family.
  • Roanoke County Schools: With an Education Quotient of 95 out of 100, Roanoke County schools ranked in the top 5% in the nation in 2003 by Expansion Management Magazine.
  • Economic Development: A good move for more than just your business, Roanoke County's Department of Economic Development hosts a variety of information about business and life in Roanoke County.
  • Town of Vinton and the Vinton/Roanoke County Veterans Monument: Roanoke County and the Town of Vinton have historically been partners in bringing local events, facilities and services to our citizens. In 2007, the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors continued this tradition of partnership by becoming part of the Vinton/Roanoke County Veterans Monument under construction at the Vinton War Memorial site.