Citizen Survey Results

Community Strategic Plan Survey Results Roanoke County Virginia

Roanoke County contracted with Roanoke College's Institute for Policy and Opinion Research to perform a random citizen's telephone survey in the fall of 2015. More than 600 survey participants were polled for this statistically valid survey. The survey questions included what Roanoke County citizens think are the most important strategic issues facing the County over the next five years, along with rating the importance and quality of public services the County currently offers. The Board of Supervisors reviewed the survey results at its January 30, 2016 retreat and used this information to decide on specific areas of focus for Roanoke County's Community Strategic Plan. For more information about these areas of focus, please see our Focus Groups page. 

2016 Citizen Survey Report (November 2015) 2016 Citizen Survey (PDF) Opens in new window

Download 2016 Roanoke County Citizen Telephone Survey Report (PDF) 
(Conducted November 2015) (7 Megabyte)

2017 Citizen Survey Report (December 2017) 2017 Citizen Survey (PDF) Opens in new window 

In December 2017, Roanoke College conducted a follow-up survey to measure citizen satisfaction with the services and programs offered by Roanoke County.

Download the 2017 Roanoke County Citizen Survey (PDF) 
(Conducted December 2017) (3 Megabyte) 

Additional Information 

For more information about the community strategic planning process please email County Administrator Dan O'Donnell, or call 540-772-2004.