Rural Village

A future land use area where limited development activity has historically occurred and where suburban or urban development patterns are discouraged. These rural community and farming areas are generally in between the intense suburban development patterns already established in the County and the designated Conservation and Rural Preserve areas.

Land Use Types

  • Agricultural Production and Services - Livestock, orchards and crop productions, landscape and horticultural services, veterinary services, farm labor and farm management services. Generally including all activities that support land based uses.
  • Forest and Wood Products - Includes the operation of timber tracts, tree farms, forest nurseries and the gathering of forest products. Excludes sawmills and large-scale timber cutting operations.
  • Rural Community Centers - Nonresidential uses which serve rural residents such as outdoor recreation and park facilities, religious assembly facilities, schools, fire and rescue stations and clubs.
  • Rural Housing - Low-density single-family residential generally averaging one unit per acre. Cluster developments are encouraged.
  • Small Scale Commercial - Limited commercial operations that serve the local, rural community. Included would be personal services and retail convenience stores.
  • Rural Parks and Outdoor Recreation - Parks and recreational facilities that are designed to preserve the environmentally sensitive character of the rural landscape.

Land Use Determinants

  • Access - Locations served by an existing improved rural road and, to a lesser extent, rural arterial highways.
  • Agricultural - Locations where existing agricultural uses and activities are present.
  • Existing Land Use Pattern - Locations where very low density residential, institutional and limited agricultural uses have developed.
  • Existing Zoning - Locations where rural residential and agricultural zoning have been established.
  • Rural Residential Expansion Areas - Locations where small scale, very low density rural residential housing is desirable.
  • Rural Sector - Locations outside the urban service area.