A future land use area that would guide a mix of educational, institutional, limited commercial, recreational, and open space uses related to a college or university campus. University areas are applied to lands owned by Hollins University and integral/contiguous to the central campus. Other lands owned by the University may be included in other future land use designations that are more appropriate to their existing or future land uses. Proposed land uses adjacent or in close proximity to the University designated areas should be encouraged to compliment the Hollins University architectural and land design themes, and university activities.

Land Use Types

  • Special Events And Recreation - Various school-sponsored and community-based sports and recreational opportunities.
  • University Campus - Various agricultural, open space, recreational, civic, office, and limited commercial uses associated with the operation of a college or university. A high degree of architectural design and creative site design is encouraged. Historic structures should be preserved and used as a design theme for future development.

Land Use Determinants

  • Access - Locations served by an arterial street system.
  • Existing Land Use Pattern - Locations where Hollins University development has occurred or is planned.
  • Existing Zoning - Locations where existing zoning permits educational facilities.
  • Historic Areas - The central core of Hollins University contains 6 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, and several other structures that could be designated on the Historic Register.
  • Special Events - Locations that have adequate physical facilities for various school and community special events.
  • Surrounding Land Use - Locations where surrounding land uses are complimentary to, and compatible with a university campus.
  • Topography - Locations that can be developed in an environmentally sensitive manner and that are outside of the designated floodplain.
  • Urban Services - Locations where public water and sanitary sewer exist or are planned.