Tax Billing & Collections

Tax Collections

The Treasurer's Office is responsible for the billing and collection of all revenues due to the County of Roanoke, both current and delinquent.

  • Current tax year collections: Generated based on the assessment of property for the current physical year
  • Delinquent collections: Any and all outstanding bills, which could represent the current physical year, or a prior year

Prorated Property Taxes

Personal property tax is prorated in Roanoke County. This means that you are billed for the number of days in which you reside in the county. If you have recently moved to the county or have acquired a new vehicle, please contact the Commissioner of the Revenue to have your property properly registered.

Likewise, you will also want to contact their office if you have moved out of the county or disposed of a vehicle to have your bill corrected. Pursuant to the Code of Virginia, the commissioner's office will require proof of a change in residence.

Tax Billing Cycle

For More Information

If you need any assistance with your billing statement or would like to review it with our staff, please contact the Treasurer's Office at 540-772-2056.