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Commercial / Non-Resident / Premium Trash Collection Application

  1. Use this online form to request Commercial, Non-Resident, or Premium trash collection from Roanoke County's Solid Waste division.

  2. Select an option below.*
  3. Commercial Trash Collection Terms and Conditions*

    Each approved business is provided one (1) container free of charge. You may purchase up to two additional containers. 

    1. All trash must be bagged. Only bagged trash placed in a container will be collected.
    2. We service a maximum of three (3) containers for commercial locations. If you generate more garbage than the County will collect, you will be required to contract collection with a private hauler.
    3. Containers must be placed at the designated collection area no later than 7:00 am on the day of collection.
    4. Do not put building materials, lumber, auto parts, rocks, concrete, dirt, tires, hot ashes, hazardous waste, or any other debris into the container.
    5. Bulk and Brush collection is not provided to commercial customers.
  4. Non-Resident Trash Collection*

    Roanoke County may, at its option, provide weekly garbage collection to nearby non-residents located on the borders of Roanoke County. Upon application and approval, a monthly fee of $20 will be required in addition to a $1 a month fee for the container rental.

    The following conditions apply for this service:

    1. Upon approval, customers will be billed $21 each month for service. Charges are paid monthly or bi-annually.
    2. Customers are limited to one container.
    3. Customers are not eligible for Bulk and Brush collection.
    4. Botetourt County residents who live on Carvins Cove Road are the only Botetourt County households eligible for this service.
  5. Premium Trash Collection Terms and Conditions*

    Optional backdoor service may be available to residential customers for household waste only by application. The charge for premium backdoor collection will be a minimum of $15 per month and will include service up to 100 feet from the curbside pickup location. For each additional 100 feet or fraction thereof, an additional $10 charge will be assessed. The premium garbage collection charges are paid monthly or bi-annually.

    The following conditions apply for this service:

    1. Completion of Premium Refuse Contract (PDF).
    2. All materials placed in container for collection must be bagged.
    3. Bags are limited in weight to 30 pounds.
    4. Customers receiving this service are limited to one container.
    5. Customers will be subject to all automated collection guidelines except placing the container to the curb.
    6. This service is not available for Bulk and Brush collection.
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