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Oct 14

Board Meeting Notes 10-11-2022

Posted on October 14, 2022 at 11:15 AM by Gray Craig

As its first order of business, the Board of Supervisors made changes to streamline its meeting process by moving first reading requests for rezoning matters to the Board’s consent agenda. Routinely, the first readings of rezoning requests are a formality to forward the request to the Planning Commission for review. Going forward, these first readings will appear under the consent agenda with all other matters. It’s important to note that any Board member can request that items be pulled from the consent agenda for questions and separate deliberation if they choose to do so. The second reading and vote on this action will be held at the Board’s October 25th meeting.

Also at the meeting, the Board heard the second reading and approved an ordinance accepting and appropriating $290,700 and further appropriating $75,000 of Capital Fund Reserves, for the purchase of approximately 56 acres to expand public access to 547-acre Read Mountain Preserve. Roanoke County plans to use the 56-acre property to expand Read Mountain Preserve for passive recreation, such as hiking trails, bird watching, and environmental education. Future plans include providing public access to Old Mountain Road with a trailhead parking lot, kiosks, signs, and fencing. With the development of trail access on the north side of the Preserve, the public will be able to hike more directly to Buzzards Rock, the most prominent feature on the property.

The Board of Supervisors also approved competitive procurement of professional services for the construction of the proposed Bonsack Fire Station at 1465 Mexico Way, NE, adjacent to the Roanoke County line, pursuant to the Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act of 2002.  

The Board also took action to accept and allocate grant funds in the amount of $31,528.23 from the U.S. Department of Justice's Bulletproof Vest Partnership to the Roanoke County Police Department. The total amount of the grant awarded is $31,528.23, which includes a fifty percent (50%) match. The U.S. Department of Justice grant funds total $15,764.12 and the County match of $15,764.11 was appropriated by the Board of Supervisors in the fiscal year 2022/2023 police department's budget. No additional appropriation of County funds is required.

The Board also heard first reading of an ordinance to accept $241,531 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Mitigation Assistance Program, and authorize the use of the funds to acquire property located at 915 Clearwater Avenue, Roanoke, Virginia 24019. The property owner expressed an interest in voluntarily participating in this FEMA-funded program to purchase the property to demolish and remove the existing flood-prone structure.  After demolition, the property must be maintained by the County as an undeveloped green space in perpetuity. The FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant Program provides one hundred percent (100%) funding. No local matching funds are required. The second reading and vote on this action are set for the Board’s October 25th meeting.

More information on each of these items, along with the meeting video can be found under the Past Meetings section of the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors Meetings and Videos page.